Saturday, January 28, 2012

Parties and Pottys - Project 365 Continues

I feel like this might be my most honest look into our lives via pictures yet.  Whether I try or not, I usually end up choosing my favorite picture of the day or where everyone looks the prettiest, but this week I'm honestly showing moments.

Moments of joy and moments of dirt...moments of laughter and moments of new beginnings.

By the way, I'm SO enjoying this project - it is a challenge some days to remember to take a picture, but I'm also savoring life a bit longer - I'm more intentional and by taking a picture I really stop and take that moment in...

It's not too late to start - I'd love for you to join in this journey!  And with are the honest moments of my week!

We started potty training this week!  This is DAY 1 in which Selah still thought it was exciting and novel to use the potty - we've had our ups and downs with it since, but overall she is catching on so very quickly and enjoying feeling like a big girl (she especially loves the Dora panties)!  Oh, and I have never cleaned up so much urine in my life (that is all I'll say about that).

It was a long week at our house - I had meetings or spoke 4 nights in a row, so I savored giving Selah a bath on this night.  And, she was in rare form - this is her funny face!

Here is what I mean about honest - Can you believe that I live in this?  We had a dust storm on Sunday and disgusting does not describe it well enough...ugh!

A quick iPhone photo while my "How to Study the Bible" class had some discussion & study time.  I love teaching this class and these people make it fun.

Girls Night!  I went out with some friends on Tuesday night to celebrate our birthdays, and my sister Kelsey & I ordered the Cinnamon Roll Souffle - it sounded divine...and...well, the finished project looked less like "divine" and more like...this...Kelsey couldn't stop laughing as it wasn't all that we were hoping for.  Don't you love my sister's laughter?!

Happy Birthday to me!  I already gave a brief synopsis of my day here...but it was celebrated in little moments like eating this cupcake at 10:30pm.

We visited Josh at his office on Thursday and Miss Selah loved getting to see him in the middle of the day (I think he loved seeing us too)!

I had a little birthday celebration with a few friends yesterday and Marisa brought me a crown - only Marisa would bring a crown...and I would only wear a crown for Marisa!
So that is a quick look into our week!  Let me know what your week looked like...and perhaps you can join this little community of Project 365 picture takers!


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