Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Moments with Big Memories - The Last Month of Project 365

The past month has been extremely full in our lives so I'm just now getting to post over a month's worth of pictures for Project 365.  BUT I've also realized that I've almost completed this project and I'm so happy that I stuck with it.

I started this project right after Thanksgiving last year because I wanted to be more thankful for the ordinary moments of each day...and I'm realizing that by taking a picture each day, I did in fact stop and give thanks for small moments each day.

So here is a glimpse into most of October and the first week of November in our lives!

Day 318 - My cute hubby preaching!!  I love to hear him share his heart & the Word of God.

Day 319 - Do you ever find random pictures on your phone?  I found this one & realized that Selah was busy taking pictures while I was trying to get some work done & sipping my coffee.  I find it so interesting to see life through her eyes.

Day 320 - We went to a gender reveal party for my cousin Lacey Arellano & they had stick-on mustaches for everyone who guessed they were having a boy.  Selah & her cousin Ava were quite entertaining with these mustaches.

Day 321 - Josh and Selah ran to the grocery store, and I was genuinely surprised when they returned with a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers!  Selah & I put them in a vase together & she proudly let me know that the red ones were her very own!

Day 322 - My dad's 60th birthday was this week, and we had lots of celebrations as you will see!  We had a family celebration this evening and I had to snap a picture with Haven.

Day 323 - We've been doing lots of painting around our house & Selah not only enjoys being creative but she also loves to line up the paints in a straight line and calls it her rainbow.  This just makes me happy!

Day 324 - I love this picture.  This was on a Saturday and we were welcoming many of our international friends who were in Lubbock for a week to attend conferences.  This is before we went into the game & people were meeting each other & seeing one another after a year of being a part.  It was a quick picture I took, but I feel like the smiles, laughter, and joy being together is a good representation of what happened during this week.

Day 325 - This picture is actually from the next night, but I feel like it is fitting since day 325 is October 12th which is my dad's 60th birthday.  We threw him a big shindig & I love my family.

Day 326 - My favorite picture from my dad's party.  This was during his roast & I think he was thoroughly enjoying himself!

Day 327 - Breaking bread with friends who love the world & friends from around the world.  It was a good night.

Day 328 - My friends, Jason & Vanessa Brandiger, worked for hours setting up for our Pursue Missions Conference.  I love watching people use their creative gifts - these two outdo themselves every year!

Day 329 - LOVE this picture!  In this small space I see friends from Kenya, Czech Republic, Guatemala, and right here - the 806...and I love looking at everyone's faces.

Day 330 - Decorating for our banquet that evening & I had to take a picture with these two lovelies!  Kyla (the blonde) worked with me for the last several years to put on this conference & Annie is now my faithful assistant.  I just love these two - so very thankful for the way they serve & lead.

Day 331 - After a VERY busy week, we took a family outing to the Pumpkin Trail.  Selah has just recently been learning that her full name is Selah Hope Allen...so, she was ecstatic when we showed her a pumpkin with her name painted on it!

Day 332 - CRAZY FACE!!! 

Day 333 - This was Haven's first bite of cereal.  She wasn't too sure about it...

Day 334 - I love these blue eyes

Day 335 - If I'm honest, this was a rather emotional day for me and after getting home from work I decided I needed to go for a long walk.  Josh and Selah ran an errand so this little sweet pea & I went a-walking...and the fresh air along with her bouncing legs was just the remedy I needed!

Day 336 - Good Morning!  Selah was introducing Haven to cartoons - Haven only paid attention for about 5 minutes...

Day 337 - Birthday dinner for my sweet sister!

Day 338 - Selah went to a Minnie Mouse Birthday party and she was quite the diva!

Day 339 - Josh's dad gave the girls matching North Caroline dresses & it was finally cold enough to ear them!  We are ready for college basketball season - go Tarheels!

Day 340 - Cheering for Taylor's volleyball game...or as Selah calls it: bolley bolley!

Day 341 - We voted!

Day 342 - I took lots of pictures at Trunk or Treat but this is my favorite!  How many men are confident enough to wear their daughter's tiara?  Oh, and check out Selah's slippers - we were most definitely not dressed to impress but we sure did have fun!

Day 343 - I traveled to Canton, TX to celebrate Kelsey's birthday!  This is the only picture I took that day, but we had amazing burgers in Mineola, TX!
Day 344 - Day 2 of shopping in Canton.  I had fun with these girls.

Day 345 - Selah & her friend Emma sporting some awesome hats!

Day 346 - Some days we just hang out and play with our toes

Day 347 - Election Day...Josh kept a close eye on the TV at the watch party we went to

Day 348 - Selah and I collaborated on this piece of art

Day 349 - Selah wanted to wear matching clothes so we both wore our Team Tomi t-shirts!

Day 350 - These are a few of the amazing people I work with - we were outside (in the cold wind) looking at foundation for our new building.

Day 351 - Haven has discovered the joy of jumping & Selah likes to make her laugh while she jumps.  Haven is starting to look so much like her big sister!

Day 352 - Our version of hot tubbing
And with that we are only 13 days away from completing project 365!  So excited to finish this and look back over the past year!


Sarah said...

Paige! I read all the time and love your picture project. I especially LOVE that picture of Josh in a tiara! HAHA! He is hilarious and such trooper! It made me smile.

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