Friday, December 9, 2011

A Picture a Day!

Happy Friday everyone!  This is my second installment of Project 365 where I'm trying to capture my life in a picture a day.  I learned some interesting things this week about the project - hopefully I'll learn from them:

  • It's easier if I start out the day with an idea of what I want to capture.  One day I was just going to capture something along the way and realized before I put Selah to bed that my mission had yet to happen.
  • I'm going to have to get over my belief that I'm inconveniencing people by asking for a picture.  Too often there is a moment I want to take a pic of, but I get shy and just don't do it.  I'm realizing this project is going  to take me out of that comfort zone (this is a good thing - I think).

  • I really need to carry my camera with me more often.  Although I'm thankful for my iPhone & I sometimes like the grainy images that I capture with it...I really can't compare those pictures with those I take from my nicer camera.
I also learned that this is a really fun project and helps me to remember just how precious each day is!  If you started this journey with me, what did you learn?

I can't wait to see your pictures - here is a snapshot of my life!

Friday night we had a dinner with students from my online leadership class.  This was the first time most of them had met face to face - and Selah loved the harp at Elizabeth Matthew's house!

We had a brunch on Saturday morning to celebrate my lovely mother!  I love this picture of her and Selah.  Selah really likes posing in front of the camera right now (perhaps a sign that this is a good time to do this pic a day project) - here she is saying cheese as she gives me her biggest smile!

I had the privilege to preach on Sunday morning at The Lubbock Dream Center, and this picture in no way truly captures the heart of this place - I found myself talking and listening and praying after I shared so it was only as I was exiting the building that I remembered to snap a picture.  The one thing I do like is that the marquee sign simply says "Worship Jesus" and that is what happens in this place- just absolutely love it!

We got snow on Monday!  Yipee!  And this was Selah's first time to walk around in all of it's white goodness - she absolutely LOVED the snow...for 5 minutes...and then decided it was much too cold.  In this picture she is proudly sporting Josh's ski helmet - it's one of her favorite dress up items, and she was insistent that it go outside with her.

So last week I promised that I would have at least one picture of myself in this round up - and here is this week's.  On Tuesday night we went to Painting with a Twist to celebrate my mom's birthday with some friends.  It was a really fun experience and I'll probably blog about it later this week.

This was the day that I had forgotten to take a picture...but I'm so glad I waited because this shot captures a new discovery this week.  I introduced Selah to the joy of playing with a box earlier in the week & then it progressed to this contraption which we lovingly call the Gabba Car.  Josh retrofitted it with her Yo Gabba Gabba nap mat  & gave it fitting car noises all week.  It is her favorite place to sit, and on Wednesday night it was just the two of us - so I let her sit in her Gabba Car to watch - well, Gabba before bedtime.  She was elated & transfixed!

Last night was our annual church staff Christmas party and these were the centerpieces - aren't they pretty - very pinterest worthy!
So that is a snapshot into my life this week!

Won't you share with us what you documented this week?  Below is a place to link up your blog (my first time to do this so hopefully it will go smoothly).  If you are joining us, please check out other's posts and give lots of love!

Until next time, get those cameras out and capture the small joys in your life!


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