Friday, December 23, 2011

A Week of Quarantine & Christmas Cheer

What a week we had in our little home!  Hand Foot Mouth Disease visited and camped out most of the week - it sounds MUCH more terrible than it really is, but alas we were quarantined  inside while little Selah was contagious!

It actually turned out to be an easy time to stay home from work and I did my best to keep sweet Selah entertained, but I have to be honest and tell you that we also watched our fair share of Yo Gabba Gabba, Elmo, Dora & Downton Abbey for me.  

I'm so excited for the second season of Downton Abbey to come back in January - can I have a shout out?! (Sorry, this was a tangent from a mom who has been inside most of the week).

So, here is a picture a day from our week of quarantine!  So thankful that my sweet girl is healthy & whole now!

Day 22 - Did you ever watch Wonder Years?  My sisters and I loved that show (mostly because Leslie was in love with Fred Savage) but we were especially fond of Margaret Farquhar & her many pig tails.  On Friday of a quarantine, Selah really wanted some pig tails - she kept handing me rubberbands, and so I dolled her up, and she immediately went to the mirror and started making faces at herself (just as I suspect Margaret would do)     

Here is a little peek at Margaret on Wonder Years - wish it was better quality, but hopefully you can get the idea of just how awesome those pigtails are!

Day 23 - My mom and dad watched our sick girl for a couple hours so Josh and I could do some Christmas shopping...I wonder what Selah is getting!

Day 24 - I had the privilege to preach this weekend at Church on the Rock's South Campus on Prayer.  So, this is what I was looking at early Sunday morning - yes, I did get 3 items from Starbucks!  Oh, and in case you want to hear my message entitled: The Myths & Miracles of Prayer you can listen here!

Day 25 - It was another day inside & Selah helped me wrap gifts...actually, she rolled out a paper roll & had fun!  We drew outlines of our bodies & colored them & Selah tried to wrap all sorts of things - candles she found around the house & her lunch!

Day 26 - Stir Crazy is the name for this day - so we discovered the joy of turning lights on and off...over...and over...and over!

Day 27 - We decided that Selah was healthy enough for a Christmas Adventure!  So we took her to Santa Land, which has been a staple in Lubbock for over 50 years.  It's not glamorous, but it is perfect for little ones - a giant tree, wood cut-outs of favorite cartoons, a nativity scene & lots of fun.  Oh, and as a side note, I conquered a fear - I used the port-a-potty in the dark - I refused for as long as my pregnant bladder would allow (I pretended that I was on a mission trip and used all the experience I've garnered over the years)

Day 28 - My mom (Gigi) took Selah and I out for a trip to Holland Gardens.  She had taken all the other granddaughters to see the Christmas displays and Selah was finally well enough for her own special outing!  I went to Holland Gardens as a child and I have to be honest seeing hundreds of trees lit up and decorated with such grandeur made me nostalgic.  So thankful my little girl has a Gigi that loves making her smile!
What happened in your week?  Please link up if you are joining us in the 365 challenge, and be sure to encourage others as we take a picture each day!


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