Friday, December 2, 2011

Project 365

I've been in the mood to take on little craft projects lately.  I decided I wanted to learn to knit & even purchased the required yarn & needles.  You know how far I've gotten on the gorgeous gray scarf I'm envisioning in my head?


Yep, I haven't even opened the package that the needles are in...and although I've yet to begin it's still a project on my to-do list.  I've been working on other random projects lately too - spray painting outdoor furniture (although it's now too cold outside to finish the said project), an online scrapbook (I'm actually almost finished with this little gem), and even an Advent wreath (this should hopefully be finished today - truthfully...we'll just see).

Do you ever start projects too only to find that they were great in theory and may be great in reality but either the time or motivation seems to be but a vapor and projects are just laying around?   I hope I'm not alone - I think most women are prone to this (men too)...perhaps this is why pinterest is such a hit?

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all about yet another project that I'm venturing towards.  Have you heard of Project 365?  It's basically a photography challenge of sorts in which you take one picture a day to document your life.  People have been doing it for quite some time - taking pictures of their children as they grow, taking a snapshot just of their profiles or growing beards, and others taking shots of the little mundane aspects that make up our daily lives.

I've been intrigued by this idea for awhile, and then I just decided I would try to make this little project a reality for 2012!

I have a few reasons for wanting to try this out:

1.  I'm trying to be more present in my daily life, and for me, there is something about taking a picture that reminds me to cherish that moment.

2.  I'm also trying to grow in my attitude of gratitude - especially when it comes to the small moments of life.  I've kept a gifts journal (via Ann Voskamp), and I love having something tangible that is like a letter to the Lord simply saying thank you.  And how cool to have a visual reminder of those little things I now see as a gift!

3.  I'm wanting to grow in my photography skills.

4.  I want to have a way to remember this season of life - the small moments when Selah climbs into the dryer (this happened on Sunday) and the big moments like Christmas or travelling the globe.

So, I'm going to do it, and I've decided to take Fridays to share with the blog world the pics I've taken that week.  I'm not going to be strict about any of this (so a post may not appear until Saturday...or Monday).  I'm not going to limit myself to particularly great pictures either (if something is happening and all I have is my iPhone - I'm capturing that moment).

Lastly, I'd love it if any of you wanted to take on this challenge with me.  There's just something about knowing you aren't alone in a project that makes it more fun...and there is even some accountability.  So what do you think?  Interested in pulling out your cameras and capturing life as it happens?

I'm going to go ahead and start sharing a photo a day (I'll post a week's worth every Friday)...and then in the new year we can officially start & I'll provide a place for you to link your blog here in case you want to show others how you are capturing each day of 2012.

Here is my first test week!

Day 1 - Thanksgiving (This is my lovely mother-in-law Marcy & her world famous sweet potato casserole).  I never liked sweet potatoes until I had hers and I am forever converted.

Day 2 - At the Ft. Worth Light Parade

Day 3 - Driving home from Dallas.  Not my proudest moment as a parent, but I love junk food when driving and thought Selah could enjoy some too - This might truly be the best representation of a food coma - notice the Cheeto in her little hand!

Day 4 - Decorating the Christmas Tree - Selah loves the shiny Christmas ornaments!

Day 5 - I was giving a final exam in The Pauline Epistles class I teach - this was my vantage point as the students furiously wrote.

Day 6 - I have an appointment with the baby doctor and this is what I stare at while waiting.  Don't you just love pictures of babies?  Even if you have no idea who they are...

Day 7 - Sermon Preparation.  The final result is a sermon entitled: Prayer - The Myths and Miracles of Divine Communication.  I'm excited to preach it soon!

Day 8 - Lights at Vintage with my family.  I'm really going to try and have one picture of myself each week - I've discovered that I'm never in pictures - always just behind the even if they are out of focus (like this lovely one) I'm still going to get in front of the camera every once in awhile to remind myself that I was in fact all the events that I document.
What do you think?  Have any interest in joining me in this Project 365?  Any ideas on how to make this a project that is actually accomplished?


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