Saturday, December 31, 2011

JOY - A Week of Celebration & Laughter

Happy New Year's Eve All!  I so hope you had a wonderful holiday this past week - I am basking in days of joy, too much food, family celebrations, and giggles from my little one.  It has in deed been a good week for us.

Here is a look at how we've been celebrating:

Day 29 - Our annual BIG family celebration (my family is quite large & so this is an annual gathering with second cousins, great aunts, and even a few people who I'm embarrassed to say I don't really your family like that too?)  I love this shot - although it is blurry, it is my cousin Nathan playing around with Selah - she loved every minute of his attention.

Day 30 - Christmas Eve!  We had another family celebration and while the adults were eating dinner, I spied Selah & her cousin Maci in the corner.  They had pulled their little chairs into the corner and were engaged in a deep conversation.  I'm finding that my favorite pictures in the 365 project are those when I capture real moments like this!

Day 31 - Merry Christmas!  This is my mom, Gigi reading to Selah and her cousins Madison & Peyton.  Selah has gotten into the habit of saying "Cheese!" everytime I pull out my camera (perhaps I am taking a few too many pics?)
  I missed day 32 - oops!  Josh's parents came into town so we were busy cleaning up the house, packing for our trip (we went to the mountains - woohoo!) and the like...oh well - should I start calling this Project 364?

Day 33 - So, we traveled to Ruidoso, NM with Josh's parents & we rented a cozy and rustic cabin.  Selah slept in our room so this is late in the evening...and Josh and I found ourselves hanging out in the bathroom!  We weren't ready to go to sleep and his dad was resting in the living we retreated to the bathroom - here is Josh eating some cereal & reading Forbes.  I'm learning that the power of a child actually asleep leads us to do all sorts of things to keep that child sleeping!

Day 34 - Here is my weekly picture of myself...and I have to be honest, this is my favorite picture of the week...I don't have any make-up on and my fingers were freezing...but I was truly having fun in this moment!  We went sledding with Selah & as you can tell by both of our faces - it's fun to feel like you are flying!

Day 35 - We drove up to a beautiful look-out on the mountain & Selah posed with her Safta & Sabba (Hebrew from grandmother & grandfather)...although at this point she calls them Tafta & Sabby!

Day 36 - Before we got on the road to head home yesterday, we at breakfast at a darling bakery & they brought out some dough for Selah to play with as we waited...GENIUS!  She enjoyed making creations...and so did her dad...and her grandmother...and really all of us!

This is a glimpse of our week!  If you aren't sure what I'm doing here...I've decided to take a picture a day to cherish the little moments of life!  I'd love it if you wanted to join me in this adventure as well - in fact, what better time to start than January 1st!  Can you imagine capturing your life with one picture a day in 2012?!

If you want to join us, be sure and link up below - can't wait to see what your weeks looked like!


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