Friday, December 16, 2011

The Moments We Capture

Happy Friday Everyone!

Project 365 continues with a snapshot into each day of our lives.  This week was filled with precious moments of reunions and hugs, laughter and thanks, and even quiet moments to reflect and hug a sick baby.

I'm discovering just how much I'm going to love this project - it's a great way on my Friday mornings to look back and reflect on the beauty of each day we've been given.

On a practical side, I'm realizing just what a difference my various cameras make to the quality of the pictures I capture...and yet, I kind of love the grainy images from my iPhone - just kind of shows how everyday is a bit different...I'll make note of which camera I used & I will probably start trying to carry around my digital SLR more often.

Be sure to link up if you are joining me on this project!

On Friday night we stayed in because Miss Selah actually had a fever at this moment...and yet she still had plenty of mischief in her eyes as she gobbled up her tomato soup - this girl loves tomato soup! (SLR with 85mm lens)

On Saturday morning we had a special Christmas surprise with my Mema - she bought all of her great-granddaughters (that live in Lubbock) Christmas Princess t-shirts.  We tried to get one picture with all of the girls and Mema - what were we thinking?  Anyways, I love this one because most of the girl's personalities are on display here - notice Ava and Madison posing in the back (they are best buds), notice Peyton interested in the shiny buttons of Mema's wheelchair, and notice sweet Molly smiling shyly, Macy checking out the action & Selah sitting. (iPhone)

And although I'm only doing one pic a day...couldn't help but show you what transpired just moments later - Selah is making a break for it.  Peyton is still playing with buttons & Ava is making sure she looks good in every picture!

On Sunday night the church hosted it's annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet and it was an absolute blast!  This  is a picture with my friend Liz who volunteered in the missions department every week for most of this last year.  She was a God-send to me (she kept track of everyone's finances as they received them for mission trips).  I love Liz & I had fun this night (SLR camera).

Josh was out of town this past weekend on a guys trip (he met up with friends from college) and they went to the Cowboys game on Sunday night.  He returned home on Monday and Selah was oh so happy to be reunited with her daddy - she was even willing  to share her goldfish crackers! (digital SLR with basic lens).

I only took one picture on Tuesday - this is it.  It was such a foggy day! (iPhone)

On Wednesday, Selah got a special surprise when her friend Cal (and Patti & Wendel) surprised her with a 3 story doll house!  It had previously been Cal's cousin's and when she was ready to part with it, they thought of Selah.  Can you tell how delighted she is?!  She has played with it non-stop - thank you! (Canon Powershot)

Once again, I only took one picture yesterday - and yet it really did capture our moment.  I went to a prayer meeting at the Dream Center & was trying to keep Selah entertained (and quiet) as we prayed.  I think I was making a goofy face at her & she was copying me - ha!  (iPhone)

Show us a snapshot into your lives this week!  Link up below.


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