Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where I Am - March Edition

Where I Am – March 31, 2010

Where I Am: I am hanging out on my couch while the lovely Selah takes a nap…I must tell you all – she slept through the night last night (well, until 5am – which is through the night as far as I’m concerned). Hoping that this is the trend & not a fluke, but we will wait and see. So, I’m feeling quite rested today & looking forward to what lies ahead. As a side note – this is my last week of maternity leave & although a couple weeks ago I was struggling with the quiet I am LOVING it now – isn’t it crazy how so often we want what we don’t have…and then when it feels as though it is slipping away we try to hang onto it for dear life? Lord, help me to learn to settle into YOUR rhythms of life…

What I Am Listening To: At this very moment I’m listening to a new CD I bought yesterday – “Where You Go I Go” by Brian & Jenn Johnson – I’m liking it. I also bought the new CD by Adie…liking that one too! I’ve also been enjoying Sara Groves “Fireflies and Songs”

What I Am Reading: Well, I thought I would do SO MUCH reading while I was on maternity leave, but amazingly I’ve found that often I would rather just watch my little one…BUT I have read a few things:

The Passion of Mary Margaret by Lisa Samson – a good fiction read

I’ll Have What She is Having by Bobbie Houston – honestly, I was a bit disappointed…I think that Bobbie is a fabulous speaker & the premise behind the book was good…but sometimes books just don’t click with me & this was one of those instances…sorry, Bobbie!

The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg – LOVED this book – mostly I read it in the middle of the night while I was nursing and it was all about prayer & hearing God in unique ways. Margaret shares her own struggles with prayer and as I read I felt like I was reading parts of my own journey with God. It was encouraging, thought provoking, and ministered to my soul. Margaret IS one of those authors that clicks with me.

I am in the process of reading: Sin Boldly by Cathleen Falsani & Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson…I’ll let you know later how they are.

I’ve also been reading LOTS of blogs…my new favorites are:
The Pioneer Woman
Donald Miller – I especially appreciated Miller’s words about Pastors today  – makes me want to call my dad and thank him for the sacrifice he has made all of these years…

What I Am Watching: Unfortunately, I’ve been watching WAY too much TV…so here are a few comments:

The Amazing Race – Josh and I watch this together and talk about what a fabulous team we would be…but this season I’ve wondered if I would come off as ditzy as Caite (she was the Miss Teen South Carolina who didn’t do a good job answering her interview question)…

Kell on Earth – This is for YOU Jenn Beamer – she is so crazy and fascinating to me…interesting to see what certain segments of society sees as a strong woman…

The Biggest Loser – I don’t really care who wins, but I need to give a shout out to my sister Leslie who has lost 28 pounds since January 1st & looks FABULOUS!!!! Love most of all her attitude & commitment to this process – it is inspiring!

Project Runway – still love this show – I want to make an outfit made of trashbags…

Wow, do I really watch that much reality television? It is scary – it will be good for me to go back to work…

Help that I’m Needing:  I’ve decided that my blog needs a name. Paige Allen’s Blog is so uncreative that it makes me cringe…but I can’t decide what it should be. I literally have a list of about 20 ideas. Here are my top 7 (along with thoughts behind the name) – let me know which one you like or if you have a better idea I’m totally open! Basically I want to convey that this is a place where people will read my musings about life, ministry, becoming a new mom, the world & whatever else pops up…I may have to convey this via a subtitle…but let me know what you think:

I Love Ellipses – (seriously…I LOVE them…have you noticed…I use them all the time…they represent the fact that I’m in the middle of thinking…and usually I’m still thinking when I stop writing…)

The Preacher Girl – (because there aren’t too many of us…and I realized that my funniest stories tend to revolve around trying to navigate this interesting life)

Transparent Hope – (this is my goal: to be transparent with my life in such a way that a bit of hope is instlled in readers)

A Little Bit of Fabulous – (I love the word fabulous…and sometimes...well sometimes...I am fabulous)

PaigeBlogs – this is my safe standby

Two Claps for Life – (if you know me…you know that I do a little clap when good things happen)

Becoming Paige – (this is in honor of Jane Austen – my favorite…and also I think it is a true statement…this blog is me…trying to figure out who I am and becoming more of who He wants me to be)

What is your vote?


Jennifer said...

uuummmm...I'm sorry...did you really write this...or just steal the latest blog I'm trying to write?? Cause for goodness sakes...our similarities abound in this one!
Let's review shall we:
*-YAY for Jenn and Brian Johnson! Don't you love them? How have I been missing out all these years? I debated for hours which one to buy a couple weeks ago and went w/Love Came Down...but actually, Where You Go is on my list for the very next good to know it's fabulous!
*- All your tv shows. (loved the shout out!-I actually double clapped when I saw it) And PUH-LEEZE...not to be all Judgy McJudgerton...but you will SO not come off like Caite..."and the Iraq, such as". You *need* to do that. And fyi- must write Bravo and scream out to renew KOE for another season. It's not officially signed yet. I screamed out on twitter...and @bravotv now follows me! HA! AAAaaaannndddd...PR- I suppose it's a little late notice...but you COULD get ambitious and create matching Easter dresses for you and Selah out of trash bags...just saying.
*- Blog name- what the heck...guess who is also in the process of coming up with a name change for her blog. Mmmmmhhhhmmm. I just want to announce it now before it looks like I'm copying. FYI- I adore that you justified the use of ellipses...cause I'm so the queen of them...and am happy others share in the joy. PLUS- Fabulous, HELLO! So my favorite word (I was inspired my Jules-St. Elmos Fire) AND...I'm in the process of becoming a die-hard Jane fan...but haven't read all her books yet so I can't quite claim the title yet. Soooo- my vote is Becoming Paige...cause I really like that....and it seems to capture the heart of who you are.

Sorry for the long comment. Maybe I should have just called you and said all this. HA!

Angie Neal said...

So, since you asked, I like a combination of the titles.
Blog Title
Becoming Fabulous Paige...
A preacher girls attempt to be transparent and offer hope

So there's my two cents! Keep writing, I love reading it!

Enid said...

Becoming Page, hands down!

Mindy Moo said...

I also vote Becoming Paige. It is "Fabulous"!

Laura C. Brandenburg said...

I'm a fan of "Becoming Paige" as well... :)

Jill Hurley said...

I liked Becoming Paige before I read Angie Neals comments....and I like what she said too. So something like them I think will do you justice.

Sarah Bessey said...

Angie wins! That's the best blog title ever.

I love Margaret Feinburg and Lisa Samson, too.

Jeanne said...

Okay,so I'm like a month behind on this....but I would also like to put my vote in for Becoming Paige.
I think it says the most about what the blog is plus I love the tribute to Jane Austen. :)

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