Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Counting My Gifts (No. 44-59)

I've gotten so behind on counting my gifts!  This is typically a Monday post, and I meant to put it up yesterday...but it didn't happen.  No, I'm not terribly busy, but as I settle into a more quiet life I realize that I'm not in such a rush to be "productive"...perhaps that in and of itself is a gift that I should count!

Anyways, here are a few gifts that God has given me recently.

44. Simple advice that magically repaired my computer.

45. Finding joy in simple conversations

46. Amazing in-laws who love me (almost as much as their son)

47. Welcoming people into my home & truly being okay that it isn’t “clean”

48. Selah’s eyes that now focus on my face.

49. Her little smiles (even if they are simply the result of gas)

50. The inward freedom to ignore work and be okay with it

51. Rediscovering my love of reading

52. Reading in the middle of the night while holding my girl

53. Buying a shirt (and pants) that are NOT maternity wear!

54. The promise of spring

55. A new niece with shocking hair

56. A new warm blanket for my couch time

57. An unexpected gift of flowers from my husband

58. The hubs words of encouragement…telling me he loves me more…loves the compassion he sees growing inside…knowing he is speaking the truth

59. Watching as others fall in love with the world

holy experience


Enid said...

I am so thankful you are doing this..!

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