Monday, March 29, 2010

Counting My Gifts (No.60-73)

60. Sunny days that call for a walk

61. Meeting a new friend that is passionate about justice

62. More small smiles in the middle of the night

63. Day trips with my mom

64. Enjoying a weekend of doing nothing with my girl

65. Finding The Pioneer Woman Cookbook & taking the time to peruse it in a bookstore

66. Visiting with my childhood best friend – loving that after distance we can still so easily connect & share

67. Receiving a baby gift from across the world

68. Laughing at Missy’s crazy mission story

69. Getting mommy advice from my little sisters – love that our roles have changed

70. Watching my church rally around tragedy

71. A random bench at an estate sale that has promise in my eyes

72. The sound of a house with little girls – realizing this is my family’s future for many years to come

73. Josh selling multiple houses since the arrival of our small one – thanking God for His provision

holy experience


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