Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stuff Christians Like

So, I thought I would share a blog that I enjoy reading from time to time & let you all know that a book is coming out soon...  It's called  and it is a refreshing take on the craziness that is our reality as Christians so often.  As someone who grew up going to every possible church service & being the typical Christian cliche - I'm basically laughing at myself & thinking that in deed we must look so ridiculous to the world at times.

If you go to the blog some of my favorite posts are:

#8 Singing Friends are Friends Forever at Camp
#9 Comparing Braveheart to Christianity (in honor of my father)
#106 The Side Hug
#151 Francine Rivers, the Thoenes and other books with windswept people on the cover
#178 Overusing your one "seminary word" (sorry, I know I'm guilty of this...)

Here are two images from the upcoming book:


Jenifer Davidson said...

this is hilarious!

Jennifer said...

oooohhh...I LOVE the Stuff Christians Like...and follow him on Twitter!
Personal favorite is the obligatory side hug that must be given between guys and girls!

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