Monday, February 8, 2010

One Thousand Gifts (Part 2)

Continuing to Count My Gifts...

14. The smell of banana bread baking in the oven

15. Hearing a random person describe Josh as gung-ho & remembering my own first descriptions of this fiery, passionate man…I wasn’t sure what to think of him…

16. Inside jokes with my family – like the 11 mile bike ride

17. The quiet and solitude of 4am

18. The creativity, wisdom, and beauty of my mother – her willingness to help me make a sweet haven for Selah

19. The discovery of The Apple Tree’s cinnamon rolls – and sharing it’s deliciousness with Kelsey

20. Feeling like I’m making new friends as I discover beautiful words through blogs

21. Volunteers who don’t just show up to work…but who come with ideas & the passion to make them happen – so blessed this week by Liz & Nathan who want people to PURSUE others around the globe

22. Warming my cold toes under the covers by tucking them under Josh’s warm feet

23. Teaching my class tonight – watching their eyes when they get it…

holy experience


Liz said...


Jennifer said...

And I so need to get a crackin on my list...I haven't even started yet. :-(

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