Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sniffles and Bagpipes

So, I'm actually sitting right now in the home of a precious South African couple in Leuven Belgium listening to many cultures is that in one environment? It's really quite fun and a bit amusing! We have had just an amazing time in Europe - stopping in 5 cities in 10 days and meeting some of the most warm, charming, and loving people imaginable. I honestly don't know where to start because I believe that our trip has been rich simply because of those we've met along the way. We have laughed, shared tears with a few, and had deep conversations about everything from politics to recycling to what faith really looks like. I just want to say that what Prepare International is doing over here is AMAZING! They are genuinely building leaders - not interested just in church planting and schools, but in building people and the people here know that the Boyds and Browns can be trusted. Trust is something that is not given very freely here in Europe...I know this from first hand as it has taken Josh & I five years to build trust in Czech Republic and we are now in that process here in Belgium. Many of the people still look at us skeptically - wondering if we are all words - if we will disappoint like so many other American Christians in the past who waltzed into their lives with Big promises but little delivery. I hope that we stay committed - it is our plan - these people are precious and most definitely worth the time that it takes for them to begin to open up about the pain they have faced in the name of the church...okay, so I'm rambling here...I think it's the bagpipes (yes, they are still playing although there was a picalo (sp?) interlude).

Josh and I fly home tomorrow...if you read this, say a little prayer for me because I have a bit of a nasty cold and don't want the flight to make it worse. Plus, as soon as we return home we have to start running at full speed (corndog stand, zoe retreat, MTS started, etc...)

So bye for now! I'm going to blow my nose and listen to...oh - it's violins and an oboe now!


Fortner Family said...

I am so glad your coming home!! Can't wait for the weekend with you either. We are camping...You will be very proud of Kelsey and me.

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