Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Ditz and Pics

So, I wanted to share a few pictures from our trip and also to tell you about my recent embarrassing moment on our flight home. As I mentioned in the last blog, I got a cold and although it had greatly improved, it caused me excruciating pain during the decent of our first two flights. (For those of you who have ever been on a plane with a sinus infection - you will understand - you literally feel as though your ear drum may bust). So, before our final flight I decided to take some benedryl to try and help my situation. I have had a long relationship with Benadryl. I have seasonal allergies and typically Benadryl is the only thing that will knock them although it usually knocks me out in the process either into sleep or stupor.

Well, yesterday was a stupor moment...after waiting in the DFW for about an hour I finally heard the call for our flight. I got up and hurried into line - I was just really ready to get home. I thought it was strange that Josh didn't follow me, but I just assumed that he would follow soon. When I handed my ticket to the lady and she tried to scan it, it made a loud beeping noise. She tried it again with the same result and then took a look at my ticket. It was then, with the crowd growing behind me that she said, "Oh sweetie, this is the wrong plane. Your flight is across the way." I quickly turned to see several things: 1. Josh looking at me with a confused look on his face. 2. People whispering about the ditzy blonde who tried to go to Kansas. 3. A bit of blur because at that moment I realized just how badly Benadryl goes with international travel...

Thankfully, I made it home - my cold is getting better - and I slept well last night...just a good reminder to stay away from the drugs if at all possible when you are sleep deprived and traveling for hours at a time.

Now, I wanted to share a few pics from our trip...

Oh, the things I LOVE about Europe!

1. The food...seriously, I ate pasteries, genuine Belgian waffles, lots of bread, and tea!

2. Dinner with special friends. Europeans know how to stop, sit, and enjoy a good meal. Josh and I always come home from Europe with the desire to try to start really enjoying our meals and making the most of them.

3. Prague. It is just a beautiful city, and this year we got to see it in the rain!

4. Special Friends.


Fortner Family said...

Your so funny!! The bad thing about that is that I can see you doing that same thing but not drugged. JK

Anonymous said...

I am sitting in class starving, so to make time go by I thought I would look at some blogs, however, after seeing that picture of waffels I am now drooling all over myself!

Don't worry about walking up to the wrong gate. Trust someone who has multiple ditzy moments daily, you usually think alot more people saw you than actually did. Plus, the ones that did usually get a good laugh, and laughing is good for the soul. See, we are actually helping people's souls with our random acts of ditziness!

Jennifer said...

Dang funny story Paige Allen!
Oh my gosh I love it.

I too, must take my Benadryl lying down- because it affects me so!

And I love that Josh didn't stop you. Cause although he may have LOOKED confused...that's still quite a time lapse between you jumping and running over and getting up to give your ticket. I think he was testing security to see how far they'd let you through...or maybe he was secretly wishing for a trip to Kansas and was hoping you were going to actually make that happen for him!

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