Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're Back (Part 1) - Traveling with a Cute Kid

So we are BACK!  Thank you all for praying for our family while we were in Czech Republic and Germany.  Too much to say in one blog so I’m planning on giving 4 updates about our trip.

First up, is a blog to answer the question that has been on everyone’s lips - How did Selah do?

Selah was a traveling trooper.  She was the star of the airplane rides, adjusted to time change, and in all honesty did better than I did!

 After traveling, here would be a few tips I would give to parents traveling long distances with a small child.  

1.  Make sure that you have a bottle, pacifier, or something for the baby to suck on during take-off and landing of the airplane.

2.  Comfortable Clothes.  Plus a change of clothes for the plane ride are important.
Selah in her cute pj's!  She was ready to take off!
3.  Lots of toys & the idea of putting toys in a gallon zip lock bag worked wonderfully!  It was a game to take everything out and put them back in...not to mention actually playing with the toys!  I found that the primary goal is to keep her attention for as long as possible - so this was a great tool.

4.  Try to get the baby on the new location's time clock ASAP...and if all else fails, a little Benadryl really helps during the night time hours :)
If this hair doesn't say "I slept well on the plane" - I'm not sure what will.
5.  Take a GOOD stroller - we spent lots of time pushing Selah around...she loved watching people as we pushed her around new countries!
Selah just hanging out in her stroller - don't those eyes just make you smile?

6.  Make sure you do some research on the weather.  I thought I was prepared, but didn't have gloves or mittens for Selah & it was freezing!  Thankfully her Gigi came to the rescue and gave Selah her gloves.
We looked ridiculous, but her little fingers stayed warm!
7.  Use today's technology.  Josh's dad graciously lent us his iPad & it was A-MAZING!  When all else failed we just turned on some Yo-Gabba-Gabba.  And, although I swore I would never be that mom that let's her kid play on the phone - when  you are on an adventure, sometimes you've got to just do what works.

8.  Give yourself a break - It is likely that the baby will cry on the plane...have an accident...etc.  People I found were much more understanding than I expected.  Play the kid card - you know...the "I'm so sorry my child just pulled  your hair...we are doing the best we can...isn't she cute?"  People are much more forgiving of a cute 1-year old pulling their hair than they are of you as an adult snoring on the plane.  Basically, don't start with false's going to be an adventure!

9.  But also don't start traveling from a place of fear.  Your child feeds off of your tension and when I just decided to relax and trust that Selah would be fine she did MUCH better than I expected and it was a fun experience!

10.  Travel with your kids!  Josh and I were determined that we would still do the things we loved after having Selah so this trip was our way of proving it.  Yes, it was more of a challenge, but so rewarding to see her added into the things we love!  Whatever you are passionate about - your kids should be a part of!

Selah showing off her Passport
Notice Josh is the background making one last business call before we get on the plane - this is a great picture for a true glimpse into our life.
 What areas of your life do you need to jump out and incorporate your kids?  And any other great traveling advice?


Javier Mendoza said...

What a great summary. I like that you have been so intentional with involving Selah in your passions and your travels. We are motivated and inspired by you guys.

Julian K said...

Much appreciate you sharing this.

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