Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Friday Faves

It's Friday!  Woohoo!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead of you.  Here are 5 of my new favorite finds lately - hope you enjoy!

1 // - This fairly new blog is written 5 days a week by a group of writers (mostly women) who are sharing their stories - their deeper stories.  They are wrestling with faith, family, and failure.  They are asking the questions that most of us wonder but are usually too timid to ask.  Almost every blog resonates in my heart and I'm left feeling hopeful - hopeful that others are asking the same questions, fighting the same battles, or walking in a similar journey.  Go read it for yourself - and let me know what you think:

2 // Stripes in Fashion - I've always loved stripes in clothes - something about the lines just make me happy!  And I think they make girls look pretty (yes, I know the rule about horizontal lines...but I don't always believe it)!  These 3 looks are from H&M.  I looked in at least 8 H&M stores while we were in Europe last month and I'm sad to say I didn't purchase a thing!  I wanted to...and almost did on each of the 8 occasions that I entered the store, but each time I felt rushed & there were so many great things to choose from I just kept putting it off...and now I'm in Lubbock & looking at the website with fond memories!  What trends in fashion are you loving right now?

3 // Jesus Calling by Sarah Young - I was given this book in a staff meeting and was thinking I would set it aside.  Yes, I knew it was the #1 seller in Christian books last year (which was exactly why I wasn't too interested - I'm a snob like that sometimes - sorry).  But the next morning I woke up, and saw this book sitting in my kitchen.  I grabbed my morning coffee and sitting alone in the kitchen decided to give this little book a try.  2 minutes later, I was wiping a tear from my eye - How did God know I needed to read that exact thing?  It's been a month and I've read this little book every morning, and each day - somehow...someway...God is speaking to me through this book.  It's simple and lovely and it's about being in His Presence...and that is what we all need.  What book is speaking to you?
4 // iPhone Cover - So, Josh and I switched from Spring (we were with them for 11 years) to Verizon.  It was a big decision for us (well, mostly Josh - I just said...I want a phone that works :)).  So, when we switched to Verizon I had a plethora of new phones to choose from, and I succombed to the pressure and went with and iPhone.  I love it, by the way! 

After I got my iPhone I immediately thought of a post I had seen on of the cutest covers.  I LOVE Chevron prints right now, so I hopped on over to etsy and ordered the above cover with my initials: JPA!  You can find my cover at: Rose Posie Designs

5 // - SUCH cute kids clothes for really great deals.  Need I say more?  Go check them out!

And let me know what is catching your eye lately!  Any great deals or new faves that I should know about?


K-Dee said...

My fav five
1. road trips!! Heading out to Dallas for a girls weekend and warrior dash!!

2. even though I don't get to travel the world I can still see it through postcards!

3. My puppy. Ok this probably should not be on the list but he is so cute today.

4. Spring time. I love the beautiful trees and flowers that are blooming right now.

6. Star wars legos on xbox. I love that I now have a very fun bonding activity!

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