Monday, April 25, 2011

A Princess List

1.  I have decided to call this Princess Week on the Becoming Paige blog.

2.  This may have something to do with the royal wedding on the horizon.

3.  Have you heard about it?

4.  I may or may not have watched William and Kate (the movie) on Lifetime this weekend.

5.  Okay, I did in fact watch William and Kate (the movie).

6.  It was a long weekend for me & I got sucked in late one night...don't judge me...

7.  So now I am thinking about princesses...

8.  And I realized that I must share with you 2 stories this week about my attempts to becoming a princess

9.  And how they failed miserably...

10.  And I also must share with you my plans for a Royal Wedding Watch Party

11.  I'm especially curious what your vote is for the type of hat I should wear while watching the wedding...

 12.  Any votes?

13.  And I must conclude this list by showing you pictures of my little princess yesterday on Easter.

14.  She is taking on princess tendencies with each passing day.

15.  And I must admit that I love it!

16.  She is demonstrating that a princess must think carefully before she acts.

17. And she is learning the art of how to sneak around a door...

18.   She is learning that a princess shares with others

19.  Lastly, she is learning the art of discreetly scratching one's belly while in public.

20.  So, get excited with me...this princess week is going to be Fabulous!


Jennifer said...

LOVE IT!!! I was looking for a reason to care about the Royal Wedding...and now I have it! Also...hello! Important Princess Tip: If YOU'RE hosting the party...then you get to wear all the hats you want because you can change at each break! Embrace your inner princess Paige...we all know it's in there! I don't keep company with non-royals.

Lindsey V said...

I watched that Lifetime movie too PLUS some MORE Lifetime behind the scenes shows of all the parties, possible dress choices, food, decor, etc, etc....SO MUCH FUN!!!

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