Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Which We Go to Maaaaatha's Vineyard

Hope you enjoyed my pics from NYC!  It was uber-fun although by Monday our sweet family of 3 was also uber-exhausted and oh so happy to jump in the rental car and head up north to Martha's Vineyard...or as my hubby likes to call it - Maaaaatha's Vineyard (saying it this way makes you feel like you belong in this postcard village).

We loved this island - it was picturesque in every way...it was relaxing...and a perfect place to slow our pace!  Although NYC called for strollers with our wee one we quickly realized that the Vineyard was the perfect place for the Baby Bjorn so that Selah could swing her legs and enjoy the ocean breeze!

 How cute is my kid in her hat?!

Highlights from the Vineyard include:

1.  Marveling at Hydrangeas (my favorite flower)

2.  Touring the Island and stumbling across this gorgeous lighthouse

3.  Meandering through quaint little towns (loved this children's book store)

4.  Taking an afternoon to enjoy the beach

5.  Finding a hidden golf course so Josh could continue his quest to play all over the U.S.

(This is the face Josh makes when he misses a putt...he usually makes them)

6.  Taking self-portraits with my baby girl

...like this one...although I didn't quite get her cute face in there

...like this one...we were taking a shopping break

...like this one...at the beach

...and like this one...on the golf course

I know...it is a problem...but I'm thinking this may be how I try and document my adventures with Selah.  Nothing says I'm having fun quite like the awkward self-picture!

So that was Martha's Vineyard.  I have so much more I could tell you - boats on the harbor, delicious seafood, late night ice cream as we sat outside and listened to Selah sleeping indoors, lots of people watching, and good conversations with my smart hubby - Maaaatha's Vineyard will be remembered


mandal said...

Lubbock needs a quaint little bookstore like that!! LOVE it! Reminds me of the one from You've Got Mail. Love your trip pics! Selah is so darn cute :)

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