Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Allens Take Manhattan!

My sweet little family of 3 returned about a week ago from a whirlwind vacation to NYC & Martha's Vineyard...and it was fantastic!  I was a bit nervous traveling with Selah - it was her first time on a plane and I knew that all of our schedules would be thrown out...and yet, true to her wonderful and flexible nature - she was a trooper and was actually the best traveller out of the 10 of us who were there! 

In fact, this is Selah after our long day of plane rides...she was SO happy to just flail around on the bed...and I was SO happy to get a good picture of her beautiful blue eyes!

Here are highlights from NYC

DAY 1:  We started off with a trip to the Clinton Street Bakery since Josh's sister had seen them on food network.  I was game to try whatever (Joy knows delicious food - so if she says it is something we should try you go for it)...Let me just was probably the BEST meal of the trip!

Just look at that excitement on Levi's face...and do you see what I'm holding...yes, it is divine french toast with carmelized bananas & pecans!

Afterwards, we took a boat ride to see NYC landmarks like the statue of liberty
I love this picture of my cute family on the boat!
 Here we are with Josh's family and Lady Liberty!  So thankful for all of them!

After a great boat ride and lots of walking...Lennie & Marcy offered to watch Selah so that Josh and I could have a date night.  I don't have pictures, but our date consisted Italian dinner + the Tony award winning Memphis (where we happend to sit near Jason Segal - it's always so interesting watching famous people) + an aftershow cupcake at Magnolia Bakery (this is one of my most favorite places in NYC & I had to introduce Josh to it) + a late night stroll.  The date was perfect & Selah was sleeping soundly when we got home.  Thank you again, Lennie & Marcy!

DAY 2: Our second day was quite wonderful as well as we strolled through Central Park & then headed to 5th Avenue so that the kids could go to FAO Schwarz & the American Girl Doll store

Although this trip was for the big kids I decided that Selah needed a gift as well so she got a book about NYC & a stuffed elephant - she was ecstatic (can't you tell?)

The rest of the family then went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway (we didn't think Selah could sit quietly for 2+ hours) our cute family of 3 did some shopping.  Hello H&M!  So happy to see you again, Zara!  And I must tell you that although I did recently write a blog about my problem with purchasing shoes...I did, in fact, buy a fabulous pair of shoes (I'll post a pic at a later time).

That evening we took the kids to a crazy restaurant called Mars 2112 - it was like we were eating in Mars (red lights, "aliens" as our servers, etc) and then we went to Times Square so that the kids could see it lit up at night! 

Day 3: We started our day off in Central Park.  Although I've been there a few times before, it was really fun to discover some new things in this expansive and beautiful park! 

We enjoyed seeing the boat house, watching people sail miniature sail boats, the kids got to run around and we even heard a familiy singing the most beautiful songs to the Lord on this Sunday morning.  It was a special part of our time in NYC.

After Central Park we decided to have some lunch and then try out Serendipity where Josh and I indulged in some Frozen Hot Chocolate - delish!

That evening we got to experience both Chinatown & Little Italy!

And then we prepared to move north towards Massachusettes - I'll share some pics from this portion of the trip next.

Overall it was a special trip.  We so enjoyed being with Josh's family - there was lots of laughter, the kids were super sweet, and we realized that Selah is a fantastic traveler! 

Until next time!


mandal said...

How incredibly fun! And some beautiful pictures to remember it all by!! What a great trip :)

Sarah said...

What a fun trip! I must say, mommyhood looks good on you! Selah is such a cutie!

Jill Hurley said...

I can't wait to see if Jenn Beamer says anything about your picture and time with Lady Liberty. Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see shoe pics.

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