Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Mema

Today is my Mema's 80th Birthday and I just returned home from her celebration.  She has always been one of my heros.  In her early 30's she became a widow with 4 young children and a farm to run...and she did it!  She ran tractors, haggled with the men, and raised 4 amazing people.

Growing up I spent a lot of time at her farm and still have such fond memories of sleeping in the "green room," playing dress up with her jewelry, learning how to can fruits, and climbing hay bales or cotton seed piles...we would eat pastrami or turkey sandwiches for lunch with Lay's potato chips and tea with sweet n' low all the while listening to stories about my mom growing up.

As I've gotten older I've cherished our conversations - she has loved hearing about my travels and I have loved hearing her thoughts on Scripture.  I feel like we have a special bond, but I have a feeling that each of her grandchildren feel the same.

Her body has become frail over the past few years...I petition God about it often...and yet, her spirit remains vibrant, her love remains steadfast, and her words still bring wonderful guidance.  She is my Mema & I'm so thankful that she is mine.


Lindsey V said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother!! I love seeing a Godly heritage through the generations -- it is so telling of God's unending faithfulness. Love the 4 generations pics!! AWESOME!!

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