Thursday, December 18, 2008

Paige's Tips!

A few tips for all of my lovely readers tonight...

Tip #1 - So, I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon with my sisters and mom for a shopping trip to Dallas. In order to get my shopping juices flowing I decided to spend an hour or so tonight just looking through etsy. If you have never visited you just need to know that you are missing out - it genuinely amazes me just how many different things you can find on the site & they are all so super cute! I thought I would show you just a few things I found tonight that I totally want!

In case you don't know...I really like owls right now - wouldn't this tote be perfect for carting stuff around?

I decided about 6 months ago that I would buy one of these posters from etsy...they are patterned after British posters during World War II that encouraged people throughout London. Something about them make me happy & I think the wall that I face all day would be a perfect location for this reminder...some days I definitely need to just stay calm and carry only question is what color to get this in...

Love these earrings!

I also love journals, and how fun for a journal to be covered in a map...I'm thinking I will order one for my next travels with a map that matches where I go

And this painting just makes me smile. When I have a little girl I want a simple room with muted colors - I think this would go nicely!

Oh, and etsy really does have something for everyone! Loving the Seinfeld charm bracelet!

Tip #2 - My sister Leslie made cake balls from a recipe she found on Marla Barnard's can find the recipe here:
My tip is not regarding how to make these balls, only that you SHOULD make them! They are delicious!!! In fact, I'm eating one right this minute!

Tip #3 - If you are a fan of Misty Edwards or any other musicians from IHOP, forerunner music is giving away a free download for a compilation CD - go to & enjoy!

Tip #4 - I haven't had the time to listen yet, but Margaret Feignberg recommends Sin Boldly by Cathleen Falsani & Zondervan is giving the audio version away for free. I downloaded and plan on starting it sometime over the holidays...thought some of you might be interested too!

Tip #5 - Finally, here is a tip from my handsome hubby...Hamburger or Chicken. Why not both? At Chic-Fil-A order the 4 piece chicken nugget kids meal (which comes with fries and a drink & a prize that can be traded in for a free dessert). If you are still hungry like he is, add a single chicken sandwich - ALL this is cheaper than the #1 Combo meal - sandwich, nuggets, fries, drink & dessert! OR if a hamburger sounds better - order the kid's meal cheeseburger at Fuddruckers (while ordering stare around the restaurant questioning, "Where is little Tommy?") - you get normal cheeseburger, fries, drink, plus a cookie - all for less than $5!

Hope you enjoyed our tips for the day!


Jennifer said...

Fantasmo tips!

Did you know that in my fantasticaly dark gray-colored "The Hills Tribute" Office...I have started collecting WWII posters of women fighting. Love them. It all started with a hunt for a ginormous poster of Rosie the Riveter several yrs ago- and I had no idea there was a whole genre of "prophetic" war posters. I sometimes come across ridiculous ones that state something about fighting until you can get back in the kitchen...but most are fabulous. I'll have to go check out etsy and see if I can find some to go along....

Genesis said...

Re: #3 also, if you enjoy songs byMisty Edwards from IHOP, you can check out my site, i have listed as many of her song lyrics as i can find there!

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