Monday, December 15, 2008

Back from the Slopes!

We just returned from our ski trip to Crested Butte, Colorado ~ and we had a magnificent time! It snowed just the perfect amount, the mountains were breath-taking beautiful and inspiring, the laughter was abundant, and God spoke to our hearts.
This was our fifth year to take a group skiing at Crested Butte, and there was a sense of peace the entire time - I would look across the slopes or the living area of our hostel and there was always laughter, deep conversations, or quiet times of reflection happening - it was special.

With Erin Louder before we hit the slopes for the day!

Here were the highlights:
  • A.J. McCulloch proposed to Jessica Brooks - Josh and I have known for over 2 months that this was A.J.'s plan, and he pulled it off! The last day of skiing he took Jessica to the top of the mountain and asked her to be his wife! The snowboarded down the mountain together where we were all awaiting them! We cheered, sang, and had a moment to rejoice with this happy couple. Jessica said it was a surreal moment.

  • The Happy Couple after the proposal

    Jessica sees us as she comes down the slopes!

  • Several of our guys planned an elaborate snowball fight. They pre-made snowballs and had them ready for launching when groups would come in from skiing. I sat in a window seat reading and watched as three different groups were pelted with snowballs. It was fun to see them caught off guard and then to watch the ensuing snow battles.

  • Helping people go to the next level - I didn't ski as hard as I normally do this year. I only went down a couple of black slopes (yes, I can ski blacks - are you impressed?). What I focused more on this year was helping others get to the next level. I spent one morning helping beginners just learn to ski and then on the last day, I helped Kathryn & Vanessa get down blues (in skiing, the levels are green-novice, blue-intermediate, & black-experienced). Anyways, it was very rewarding to see people accomplish their goals - and I wasn't nearly as tired!

  • Sisters - Kimberly & Lacey - they did SO good, although I think they decided that they prefer warm weather to the snow...

    Down one of the blacks that we did ski...the group I was with decided to race down this steep part of the mountain. I did not participate in the race :)

  • Constant game-playing - when people were inside there was always some type of game playing - 10,000 dice, Phase-Ten cards, Spades, Spoons, Nertz...this meant there was also screaming, laughter, and a bit of trash-talking. I personally was involved in an intense game of nertz.

  • A riveting game of 10,000 was in action!

  • A moment on the mountain - on day 2 of skiing, there was this window of about 30 minutes in which the snow stopped falling, it became clear, and you could see the beauty of God's creation. The group I was skiing with happened to be at the very top of the mountain at this time and we all got quiet for a moment and marvelled at the view.

  • This is the Moment! I had to get a picture - notice how beautiful the mountain is in the background!

  • Lastly, hearing from God. Josh & I both spoke from Isaiah 55 on the first two nights and then the third night we broke off into groups of guys and girls and had everyone share what God had spoken to them over the trip. I always love this part of the trip - how cool that God is so personal and individual that each person received just what they needed from Him!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful, and I am wishing I had gotten to go. Maybe next year!!! I can't wait to ski some blacks with you are Spring Break. Who knows, it has been a while so I might not make it down.

Embracing Grace said...

Gives me a little tear...wish I was there but it sounds like it was an incredible time. I remember when you helped me get to the next level and pushed me down a black...haha jk. Yipee for adventures in skiing!

Jennifer said...

I don't know if I'd say it snowed the "perfect" amount. I think it was a bit too much if you ask me...

Fortner Family said...

Oh we soooo wanted to be with you guys!! I can't wait to see you and hear all about the ski trip!!

Paige Allen said...

Jenn is snowed a bit too much, closed down the Monarch Pass so I didn't get to Colorado Springs as was our original sorry Jen!

Leslie said...

Looks like fun! I am mostly jealous of your time in the window seat! That is my favorite part of Crested Butte, reading in the window seat.

NNA said...

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