Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Babies, Squirrels, Chocolate, & Musings of the MInd

I feel as though I have so many random things to say...so here goes

1. I saw a squirrel electrocuted yesterday. He was hanging from the electrical lines in our backyard, and as much as I was repulsed I was equally intrigued. In fact, I thought about this little squirrel off and on all day! Leslie even dressed Molly Kate in a squirrel shirt yesterday and I thought - poor electrocuted squirrel...i think I'll take a picture of him when I get home. (I know - I'm a little morbid like that)

2. I didn't get to take a picture of the squirrel because of the craziness that is Lubbock's weather. Seriously, did anyone else think for a brief moment that they might be blown away or sucked into the dark brown sky? As I drove yesterday afternoon I repeated to myself, "I love Lubbock...I love Lubbock..." I do this on occasions such as yesterday when I dream of living in a place where the sky does not suddenly turn brown.

3. Josh just asked me, "Can you imagine being really sick and having to run out to the outhouse in the cold? I'm so thankful for our bathroom..." Sorry for the TMI - but thought I should share a glimpse into they mind of my ever-optimistic yet random husband.

4. I took Molly Kate's pictures this past weekend, and although she is beautiful, I decided that I"m not a very good children's photographer...Here are my favorite pics, but I think I'm more of a capture the moment photographer.

5. Had our Secret Sister party at my house on Saturday - it was fun! I love the girls in our little group.

Katie, Kayli, Lauren, & Me - not sure why I'm hunching...

I cooked - made some mini quiches that were delicious, a yummy salad & coffee cake

I gave all the girls mittens or gloves to stay warm!

6. Hannah & Jay Reed are my heroes. Today they went with me to Sam's to purchase all our food for the zoe ski trip. Not only did they push 3 flat beds heavy laden with food all over that store, but they then helped load & unload all of that food in the frigid windy weather!

7. Chocolate Therapy last night was super fun! Really, I think it was one of COTR's more successful women's nights - it was fun, genuinely relaxing and the ladies seemed to connect well with other ladies! Good job to everyone who made is fabulous!

8. So, we will be leaving tomorrow night at midnight for our annual zoe ski trip! I'm excited - I LOVE Crested Butte & I enjoy skiing. Mostly, this trip often lends itself to the best time for relationship building amongst our students and young adults so pray for us that it goes well. If you think about me - pray for me that I can just be in the moment with students...it is so easy for me when I'm in charge of things like this to get caught up in the details - the cooking, ski rentals, room issues, etc...that I can miss out on the moments of chatting over hot chocolate or playing cards by the fire. I want to make the most of my time with our students so pray that I relax and dive into other's lives...maybe even let some jump into my own life.


Leslie said...

I saw a petrified squirrel once. Equally as freaky yet intriguing. Don't know how it got that way. I love the pics you took of my little girl. I wish I could go to Crested Butte, just to sit in those enormous window seats and read a book (that's right, I said read!) and drink some Chai. That's what I would do if I were there. Leave the skiing to the others, I'll keep the fire going! Have a fun trip!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the squirrel moment. So sad you weren't able to get a pic of it...although- I don't know what the overall effects would be if you had posted sweet Molly Kate pics next to an electrocuted squirrel...i'm just saying.

Have fun in Crested Butte- keep your eyes peeled for Heidi's family...or better yet- maybe even Spenser and Heidi themselves!!! ooooohhhh-one can only dream.

Can't wait to see you Sun!

Anonymous said...

I so wish I were going with you to beautiful Colorado! I must say I thought the same thing as Jenn, "Look for Heidi", we are truly Hills fanatics! hehe. You will have such a great time, but stay warm and try not to get lost, those ski slopes can be tricky.

Grey Sky said...

I love seeing your photos. Don't get discouraged if they are not always perfect. Portraits are tricky and mastering anything takes study and lots of practice. You definately have a bit of natural talent in this area. I can't wait to see what you can capture in the future!

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