Monday, December 22, 2008

Girl Trip & More!

Happy Hannahkuh! Today is the 3rd day of Hannahkuh, so Josh and I lit our Menorah last night for the second night as he prayed the Hannahkuh prayer and blessing. Perhaps I'll get Josh to write a blog about this very special holiday so you know more about why our family of two celebrates Hannahkuh alongside Christmas every year, but I wanted to go ahead & show you all our candles from last night!

Also, I wanted to give a little update on my fabulous girl trip to Dallas this weekend! My mom took me and my sisters to Dallas where we did some SERIOUS shopping! I actually bought ALL of my Christmas gifts in two days, and had a blast throughout the process. I tried documenting the funny moments of the trip, so here they are - hope you enjoy!

On the drive to Dallas, Leslie saw this sign and thought of our blog! In case you don't know, Jennifer Beamer got us hooked on the blog of unncessecary quotations, and we thought this was worthy of a posting...Jen, do you think we should submit it?

"Dirt Water" - so, for some reason, the water in Frisco is DISGUSTING!!! It really tastes like dirt, and Leslie was quite distraught over the foul taste! I think she was dehydrated the entire weekend - literally, she could taste it in fountain drinks, juices, EVERYTHING - she would try something and just say - DIRT WATER!!!

Molly Kate was such a trooper! She persevered through store after store and was an angel the entire time! We felt that her cute outfit was fitting and she wore it proudly!

We shopped so much, that we began to lose our minds a bit - case in point - Kelsey was looking frantically for her purse when we stopped at a Starbucks - notice: the purse was in her lap the entire time...

Aren't we cute? So, another story that was not documented via pictures is when Kelsey & I were unloading the car after day #1 of shopping...My mom, Leslie & the baby went inside and Kelsey & I were given the responsibility of finding a parking spot and unloading the bags (I think we had 15 or so bags). If you know me and my sisters, you know that I am notorious for being bossy and having them do work for me. So, I parked the car and Kelsey began unloading the car...I didn't really think about it, but instead of actually helping her get sacks out, I began pointing out where the sacks were located in the car. When I said, "Just one more, Kels!" She burst into laughter (almost wetting her pants)...and it was then that I realized that I was standing peeking through the window of the car while she was straining to reach the final bag...So, sorry! Habits of oldest sisters die hard...

Shopping Day #2 - We went to The Galleria (love the big Christmas tree)!

Molly Kate shopped til she dropped.
Until next time, Happy Holidays!


Enid said...

I can't wait into I get brave and drive from here Lubbock all the way to big malls like in Dallas with my girls and do some major shooping like that. I think is an excellent tradition. Hopefully I will look like your mom one day, just like she is just one of the sisters. She need to share her secret..I know is living in the Lord..!!

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I just wrote MY Hanakkuh blog...and then decided to scan the rest of the world. Josh totally has to write a post!!! We must educate the world!!

ANNNND- yes yes yes you so need to submit your ridiculous quotation entry! Warning- it apparently takes MONTHS to get it submit it today!!! We'll all be so uberly-famous!!!
That pic cracked me up. Wonder what was really inside those "maps" love LOVE that hat! You're such a freakin cutie Paige Allen!

Sarah said...

Love the big sister story! I can relate. Yeah for sisters! I need to write a sister blog.

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