Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sisters, Smiles, and Settling into Life with Two Little Girls - Project 365 (Weeks 34-36)

Project 365 Pictures!!!  Woohoo!  I'm catching up, and I've decided that once I'm finished I'm going to turn this project into a little photo book as a way to highlight our year.  It feels a little more real that my typical photo albums that just highlight big events.  This way I can look back and remember what life was like on ordinary days and remember that there really is joy in the every day.

Day 235 - We visited Lubbock's new Farmer's Market and I asked Selah to pose next to her sister.  I can't wait to watch these two grow into best friends!
Day 236 - Seriously!?  Have you seen anything cuter lately?
Day 237 - Selah had a long day at Kids Day Out and informed me that she needed a treat.  I loved Nilla wafers as a kid & she does too!

Day 238 - I was pulling out a dress for Selah to wear to a wedding & she wanted to put it in right then and there saying, "I'm a Lerlerina!"  She is our little dancer.

Day 239 - Haven is going to work with me and occasionally my mom will come steal her so she can give her Gigi kisses!  I came to her office and found Haven fast asleep in her lap.

Day 240 - We traveled to Dallas and this was the first time Josh's sister Joy got to meet our Haven Joy!
Day 241 - Josh and I got to get away while we were in Dallas one night & just happened upon fireworks in the city.  I was trying to take a picture with the fireworks in the background and obviously I didn't get it, but I love this picture with my hubby!
Day 242 - We went to my dear friend, Marisa's wedding.  And Haven got lots of love from these two lovelies!

Day 243 - Gigi took Selah for ice cream!  I think you can see the rest of the story from this picture.

Day 244 - Lunch with Gigi & Mema
Day 245 - OMG - I love the way her little lips barely curve into a smile
Day 246 - We dance in the car ALL THE TIME!
Day 247 - Been doing lots of this lately.
Day 248 - I took Selah to the park & she wanted to play on the splash pad...no swimsuit, so she stripped down and had a blast.  The only problem was she couldn't understand why I didn't also strip down and join her.
Day 249 - Forgot to take a picture this day so here is another playing in the water!
Day 250 - Josh and I drove to Ruidoso for a couple's retreat & my jaw dropped when I opened the curtains of our hotel room and saw that this was our view.  Needless to say, I sat on the balcony with Haven quite a bit and just marveled.
Day 251 - I came back to our hotel room one afternoon to find Josh had posed Haven just so...he said he was introducing her to the world of electronics.
Day 252 - Last day in Ruidoso, walking around the lake.
Day 253 - Love her big eyes...and her arm pit rolls - ha!
Day 254 - Selah and I were making funny faces together.
Day 255 - Styling
Day 256 - Happy Birthday, Taylor!


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