Friday, September 9, 2011

Where I Am - It's the Fall!

I’ve been MIA this week, so I thought I’d say a quick hello and let you know where I am on this process of becoming Paige.

Where I Am: Literally, I’m outside sitting in my new painted “ocean breeze” light blue wicker chair.  It’s a bit overcast and I’ve kept the door open all day so that Selah can play in this almost perfect weather. 

I’ve been MIA this past week because after Josh and I finished speaking at Trinity’s High School Retreat we jumped in the car and made our way to my grandfather’s wake.

My Pepa passed away last Thursday morning, and my heart was both sad that I would not see his face light up again at the very appearance of Selah…but my heart was also happy to know that he no longer suffers.  The last couple  years were really rough in his life & the realization that he is in true freedom and strength today makes this transition so much easier to bear.

The graveside was just my family – and what an AMAZING family I’ve been blessed with.  As I looked around at cousins and aunts and uncles I couldn’t help but say many thanks that I was dropped here with these people.  They are some of the best I know, and much of my “becoming Paige” process has been influenced by them.
I have 21 cousins on this side of my family.  Here are many of them with our Mema.
  I will write more this week about my grandfather and the adventure of showing steers for his Cattle Company – I wish I could post a video from that era of my life – I most definitely did not fit in with the country kids.

What has been on my mind: I’ve been learning this week to listen to God when it comes to the rhythm of my sweet family.  Selah wasn’t acting herself earlier this week – I think because we were away and then when we did return home she had to stay with babysitters quite a bit as we tended to family needs.  So yesterday and today, I made it a point to have lots of Selah time as well as to pray and ask for God’s direction in this area.

We had a blast together – we explored the back yard, played in the kitchen (Selah LOVES to cook – which is ironic since she rarely sees me spend much time at the stove), and snuggled lots.   

She has returned to her secure and happy demeanor 

It was a reminder to me as well…that those days when I’m “not myself” feeling insecure and exhausted – nothing remedies my soul like quality time with my heavenly father.  And it doesn’t have to be strict Bible reading – but exploring something new, dreaming of the future, and heart prayers are such a wonderful way to restore my soul.  Thankful for the last two days with Selah and Him.

Favorite Sounds:
Have you seen this video by Gungor?  LOVE!  Can’t wait to hear them in concert next month!

Favorite Sights:My niece Ava had her 5th Birthday Party last night.  The theme was an almost slumber party...and the sight of giggling girls in their best pajamas was enough to make me rather camera happy!

Until next time!


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