Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big Hair & Beth Moore (My Thoughts on this Weekend's Living Proof Live Event)

It’s a very crazy season of life around our little home.  Is it the same for you?  My guess is yes.  Between my work at the church, Josh’s 2 jobs that he constantly shifts back and forth from, family, friends, and loving on my little one there seems to be little time lately to rest or receive for myself…and yet, I’ve definitely learned over the last 5 years that I have to take care of my heart.

Sometimes that TLC comes in the form of sitting outside writing as I listen to crickets chirp (like tonight)…at other times it comes from sipping a great cup of coffee as I talk to a heart-friend…and at times it is travel  – for discovering new sights and sounds ignite my soul like nothing else…and sometimes, like this past Saturday, it’s getting into the Word of God & experiencing something new in the world of Christianity.

I have heard about Beth Moore for at least 7 or 8 years and yet with all the fanfare (actually probably because of all the fanfare) I’ve never ventured to do one of her Bible studies.  I thought I might try one out during maternity leave – I bought the work book & my mom brought over her DVDs…but as I quickly discovered – maternity leave would be a far cry from the semi-vacation I had envisioned before that 6lb. 7oz. bundle came into my life. 

So, as I walked into the United Spirit arena with ladies from my church – I realized that I was a Beth Moore novice in the midst of 9,000 women who most definitely were NOT!  I was a little leery to be honest – our group got in line an hour before the doors opened…and the doors opened an hour & a half before the meeting even started!  I informed them that I would just meet them there…but I decided that if I was really going to receive anything that I should also get excited.  So, I arrived with a grande latte before the doors opened as well.  I was met by a sea of women - flashy jewelry (I think you call it bling), big hair, and matching t-shirts.  Immediately I was a bit on guard until I felt like the Lord nudged me to quiet my judgments and just enjoy the ladies that are in my life.  So, I boldly fluffed my mane, grabbed my Bible & told God that I needed Him to meet me in this mass of women.

Yes, I was curious to see what the fuss was about Beth – I was interested to see just how she dove into Scripture – but mostly, I was aware that if I was giving up my Saturday, I wanted it to count.  I wanted to meet Jesus & hear Him.

And let me say, He met me indeed.  He met me through nuggets of wisdom as Beth Moore said simple yet profound statements such as “Disobedience deforms the heart while obedience reforms the heart.”  He reminded me through her words just how much I need the people (the “we” as she so aptly pointed from Scripture) in my life.  He pounded my heart as she called women to live unhindered – and my mind wondered just what that could be like if I really took Him up on the offer to live completely unhindered.

And I was also blessed by the fact that she wasn’t completely polished.  I loved that the graphics guy was caught in the men’s room when she asked him to put something on the big screen…I loved how she graciously handled women who yelled out that she had forgotten a point when she had so eloquently and passionately finished with a rousing conclusion to this day long event.  As someone who speaks fairly often, I know how those types of interruptions can completely throw you off – and yet she was gracious and funny – and she didn’t allow their outburst to interrupt what God was doing in the hearts of the 9,000 women in that room.

And if I’m really honest, I was mostly blessed as I watched 9,000 women praise Jesus.  With arms lifted high, bracelets and rhinestones shimmering in the lights, I saw that God is at work in so many places and hearts that I often dismiss.  I get frustrated with the women of West Texas sometimes (I’m just being honest) – I assume that they are more concerned with adding to the lifestyle that is prominent than willingly allowing God to strip them of burdens and offenses and fears.  But on Saturday as I watched women pour over Scripture, laugh and love on one another, and sing In Christ Alone – I realized that big hair isn’t all that is big in West Texas – there are women who have a BIG love for Jesus, and although they…WE…are not perfect, there is a desire – a hunger even – to know Jesus and make Him known.

The Sea of Ladies just waiting for those doors to open.  It reminded me of the Target Commercials before Christmas...Open, Open, Open...

With my Gorgeous Sister Kelsey - she is a truly Texas Trendy girl (as I lovingly refer to her)

Not sure if you can tell, but these ladies were doing the wave!  Out of control I tell you - ha!

My notes after Session 1

Beth Moore on the big screen - oh, and notice the leopard hat in front of us...if you don't actually have big hair, it is also permissible to wear a hat with bling :)


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