Thursday, September 29, 2011

Corn Dogs and Funky Freezer Girls

Our church has an annual fundraiser for our youth and college ministries. It’s not a car wash or garage sale…it’s not even selling candles or candy bars – nope, we sell corn dogs at the South Plains Fair! I feel as though I should follow-up that sentence with a yeehaw! I’m not sure what comes to your mind when you think of a corn dog booth at a local fair, but let me just tell you that words cannot describe this experience. It is hot and greasy and lines are long (people in Lubbock really like greasy corn dogs), and yet it is also fun in a crazy-I-can’t-believe-I-spent-12-hours-selling-corn-dogs-today kind of way. And yes, I did in fact sell corn dogs for 12 hours yesterday!

One day a year, Josh and I are in charge of the stand and yesterday was that fateful day. In fact, as I sit and type I should tell you that my right index finger is numb from using tongs to pull corndogs from the fryer, and I can still smell the remnants of grease in my hair…oh the things we do to raise money for the kids we love!

I thought you should get a glimpse into my grease-filled 12-hour day of fun!

This is a short line

Kyla painting a corndog - we literally paint mustard on the corndogs.
Mindy Morse showing off her selling skills
Studhubs unloading boxes of weiners...there is no way to make that sound proper.

My goal for this picture was to show you just how many people we cram into a tiny hot can't tell, but most of the night the answer to that question was 6

After surviving my 12-hour shift in the corn dog stand, I must tell you that I am ever grateful for a new venture – Funky Freezer Girls! Like the name? All credit goes to my sister Leslie for putting this group together – after reading about a group on facebook with the same name. It is simple.

My sister asked 6 friends with families similar in size if they would each want to make 2 meals 8 times and then freeze them. It’s a version of batch-cooking…only it’s not. We realized that if we each just made a large amount of 2 meals we would save a lot of time & then we could share with one another!

For example, I made 8 servings of Chicken Enchiladas & Barbeque Chicken Pizzas!  Here is a glimpse into my day of cooking

Notice that I did have a little fact, in order to keep Selah occupied while I made this large quantity of food - I told her that she could cook too & I let her get out anything she needed for this endeavor...

So, this is what my kitchen looked like at the end of our afternoon of cooking - oh my!

But, I decided it was all worth it because after cooking, my freezer looks like this!

And on days like today when my finger is numb and recovering from greas-infested hair, it sure is nice to pull out the lasagna made my Kacey & know my family will have a yummy dinner!
What I especially love is that we each made an extra helping of our meals and are giving them to Maggie (Abby’s sister) who can use the extra help right now as her sweet baby girl has been in and out of the hospital a lot this year. Speaking of – you should go check out Brynne Smiles!  And perhaps you should start your own Funky Freezer Girls!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Paige! Way to go Leslie! Y'all make fabulous funky freezer girls! Don't you love having food already ready?

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