Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two of the sweetest people I know

So much to say since I haven't been on here in forever! I don't know if you are like me but I just keep putting it off when I feel like I have too much to catch up, I'm just going to start taking a small bite at a time...and start with something simple - family birthdays! We've celebrated a couple of my favorite people's birthdays recently & I wanted to share a couple pictures with you.

Stay tuned - I've written quite a bit about my trip to India & I'm just trying to gauge what is blog worthy...then there is this whole pregnancy & becoming a human incubator part of my life - oh my...had no idea just how weird & yet somewhat great this whole process there will be blogs about that coming as well.

But for now - I give you a few pics from Molly Kate's 1st birthday & my mom's (we will leave out the number) birthday!

All three sisters seemed to enjoy the eating of the cake!

I think Molly Kate (MK as I like the call her) is the sweetest baby I have ever met...and she loves her Gigi - here are the b-day girls together
My sister Leslie has become quite the cook lately. Here is her Italian Creme Cake, which is DELICIOUS!!! You can read about it on her blog The Skinny Chef in Disguise
Wow!!! Look at the fire on that cake! Yes, we put a candle for every year on there...

My parents with MK

PS - if you happen to read this in the next two days & live in Lubbock...come out to COTR - I'm preaching this weekend & excited about what God's given me to share.


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