Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quick Update

I haven't blogged in quite some time - I'm rethinking the way I blog & have been preoccupied with some other things lately. BUT, I'm flying to India tomorrow & thought I should give everyone a quick update of the life that belongs to Josh & I. I also wanted to request prayers from all of you blog readers... So first, an update from the past 2 months
  1. Zoe started & we're having record numbers - between 70-90!!! Woohoo!
  2. Took 40 young adults camping (yes, I went camping pregnant...and actually, I LOVED it!)
  3. Helped with the Tapestry Women's Conference...enjoyed getting to know Leif & Margaret Feinberg...she made me think about some things & was used by God to plant some dreams in my heart...
  4. Started to get a big belly - yep, in the words of my Pepa, "It looks like you swallowed a watermelon or something..."
  5. Laughed a lot...mourned a little...had some deep & hard conversations...trusting God about things we just don't understand...
  6. We found out that in that watermelon resides a precious little girl! We are super excited & thinking about just who is this little girl?
  7. Met our friends Lukas & Dita in Houston for the U2 Concert - it was pretty much amazing
  8. Had an amazing week with the Pursue & SMI Conferences - LOVED watching God move in people's lives & LOVED getting to share life with some phenomenal people from around the globe
  9. Prepping for India!
So that is our wrap up! We travel to India tomorrow & would cherish your prayers. If we come to mind, especially pray for health & strength...pray that our baby girl is covered & protected...also, we have some mind-boggling opportunities before us & I desperately don't want it to just be meetings or a chance for Paige to talk - I want God & His LOVE, His presence, and His truth to be evident, real, and at work in their lives! Here are highlights...please pray for us!

Itinerary Sunday - Tuesday: Travel

Wednesday & Thursday Oct. 28 & 29 - Josh teaching at Pastor's Conference in Aminabad; Paige teaching at Bombay Teen Challenge (this is a home for women rescued from sex trafficking)

Saturday, Oct. 21 - Josh & Paige preaching to 4,000 young people in Aminabad

Monday, Nov. 2 - Minister at LIFE Center (this is a Children's Home)

Tuesday, Nov. 3 - AM - children's school; PM - Paige speak at Ladie's Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 4 - Josh at leader's conference; Paige will minister to 20 women who work in the Red Light District (these are former prostitutes & madams who now return to brothels 6 days a week to minister to current prostitutes...they lead Bible studies & orchestrate rescues)

Thursday & Friday, Nov. 5 & 6 - At leader's Conference; we also may speak at some youth meetings

Saturday, Nov. 7 - Return Home


Leslie said...

Praying for you guys and my little niece!!! Have a great trip! Love you!

Enid said...

I will keep you guys in my prayers as always.

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