Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where I am - 12 May 09

Where I am: It is Tuesday evening and I'm sitting on my couch. I'm contemplating going for a jog...part of me REALLY wants to...another part of me just wants to sit here on my couch!

What I am Listening To: Today I listened to Bethany Dillon's CD The Kingdom while I was attempting to do some writing. I'm mostly enjoying listening to the sounds of spring outside - I'm not trying to be deep with that statement, but don't you just love the way it seems everything comes alive in a new way this time of year?! Makes me think I should go jog...

What I am Reading: I recently finished Flashbang by Mark Steele. I liked his second book better, but this one had some good points in it as well. His stories are HILARIOUS...I'm also reading The Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott and I just finished Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlan

What I am Watching: Tonight I'm watching The Biggest Loser Finale. I'm feeling like Tara is going to win...this also makes me think I should go jog! Oh, and I watched Twilight last week...I really DON'T get the hoopla about this movie...I love a good romance, but creepy vampires??? not so much (sorry, I know lots of you LOVED this movie)...

Favorite Picture I have Taken:
On Mother's Day, Leslie read a book to Madi...nothing fabulous about my picture taking here...just liked this moment

Memorable Moments:
It has been a busy couple of weeks so here are the highlights! We took all of our zoe graduates out to a nice dinner & thought I'd share this pics...I love our young adults!

Nathan, Ashlee, Deneille, Hannah, Josh & Josiah

Dallas, Jeremy, Mark & Patrick

With the lovely Erin

Good Night Red Light: Myself, Josh, my mom, Kyla & Nathan traveled to Dallas last week to help out with a fundraising event for Bombay Teen Challenge. I mentioned it in my previous blog & it was a GREAT trip. I LOVE this ministry and can honestly say that they doing something to help women and children in hopeless situations. To find out more about BTC, see these 2 blogs that I wrote after visiting there last year:



Here are some pics of our time in Dallas:

My Team: Kyla, Linda, me, Christie, Josh & Nathan

Kyla & I got to work the will-call window...admit it - You're jealous - so much fun to talk through the little microphone & slide tickets under the window!

Mother's Day: This year we celebrated a bit more laid back than normal, but I still got to have my mom, sisters & their families over to my house. Since I'm the only non-mom in the family I feel it is the least I can do to honor them with a nice lunch on this day...I didn't take many pictures, but just thought I would show you the loveliness of my mom!
Mom with her newest grandbaby - Molly Kate

And with that, I'm going to go for a jog!


Jennifer said...

Oh great! One more thing to add to my Why I'm Jealous of Paige List! Can't believe you got to work the will-call window.

And you seriously make my brain hurt that you read so many books at one time.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Can you email me some. I of course didn't take any on mothers day. I've got to get better at that. Without you I would have like 2 pictures of Madi. Also, thanks for the lunch. It was so special!

Grey Sky said...

I know what you mean when you talk about pausing to listen to the sound of spring. I remember studying in your backyard and enjoying the collection of wildlife that accumulates there. And just this morning, a customer came through my line and bought three brightly colored shirts (orange, green, and yellow). I commented to her how much I loved those colors but inside was thinking how they are so summery. Yes, summer-y is a word... I just made it up. I was super thrilled to see ya'll last week and would like to visit sometime but have no idea when that will be a possibility.

Sarah said...

it was so fun to see you guys! I think you two had a little too much fun with the will call window.:)

mandal said...

Love your post! And did you see how blue your eyes are in the will call window pic?? So pretty!

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