Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Last Installment of Adventures with Mum

My mom and I ended our trip with 2 days in NYC (she had never been and I was so excited to show her this city that Josh and I have come to love!). I quickly discovered that this is the way to get over jetlag - we so badly wanted to see all that we could in our 2 days that regardless of how badly we wanted to shut our eyes we just kept on going!

Day 1 was devoted to major sites around our hotel (we stayed at 6th & 53rd) Central Park, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Macy's all made an appearance within that day! Highlights for me were that we ran into my friend Alyson (it was somewhat of an intentional run-in - she called and was only a few blocks away) & got to have coffee with one of my best friends from highschool! Alyson told us some fantastic places to eat (yay, for John's Pizzaria - that is in an old church, and the Brooklyn Diner (we met her again the next morning for a delicious breakfast of eggs, polenta, & muffins)! The additional highlight was going to a Broadway Musical (we saw 9 to 5 - the original cast), and finding a few cute items of clothing along the way!
Day 2 was equally fun!
  • Breakfast with Alyson - she showed us where she worked (she's the assistant art director for Country Living Magazine)
  • Carriage ride through Central Park
  • Farmer's Market at Union Square
  • South Street Sea Port where we took a water taxi out to see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Outrageous Banana Split at Serendipity
  • More Shopping
  • Meeting Bill Clinton - saw him in our hotel while we were waiting for the eleveator...He said hi to us! We were a bit dazed but did our best to say hi back!
  • More Shopping
  • Fabulous Dinner near Rockefeller Center - we decided that this was our favorite meal from the entire trip and just happened upon this place (Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe) - you should try it if you are ever in the area...
It was fun & exhausting all at the same time!

With Alyson in the Hearst Building

The Statue of Liberty (as if you didn't know)

The Outrageous Banana Split - it was fairly amazing...

I could tell so many stories...the transvestite who was our neighbor in Prague...the waitress in Germany who asked if we wanted to eat any flesh...the girls on our water taxi who posed like models at the drop of hat...the nights of frustration because we could not sleep...the beautiful people we encountered along the way...and the many moments of laughter. Mostly though I will remember and tell others that for 10 days I got to travel the world with my mom...and in those 10 days I was reminded all over again just how blessed I am to have been raised by this amazing woman who loves easily, laughs heartily, and speaks with a soft conviction. Thanks mom for letting me travel with you - it was more than I had hoped for...


Enid said...

Never been in NY either, it is fun to see it in your pictures.

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