Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thailand Community Outreaches - Thailand 04

So, this is my final mission trip update...although I completely forgot about some fun pics that I will post later on this week from the trip. This blog will highlight our time ministering within the community in Thailand. We went to two different locations where Pastor Simon is regularly meeting with people & children. We mostly worked with kids at these two events - teaching a lesson, making crafts, and singing songs!

It was a special time, and as always our team did a fabulous job! Enjoy the pics...

I had the privilege of praying blessings over this precious girl...I just love how she closed her eyes and clasped her hands ready for whatever I wanted to pray!

"Uncle Joe" is very loved by in Thailand and he had lots of fun with these kids.

After our first community outreach, we took a group picture with everyone that came!

Vanessa was our FABULOUS teacher this night and shows off the crowns that they made

Josh with our driver and one of the leaders at the church


Jennifer said...

It's so hard to not equate comments with love in the blog world! But you are definitly loved...and definitly read!

Love the posts- a little bit sad that this was the last one about your trip...

I've laughed, I've cried....it was better than Cats.

(are you to young to know that reference?) :-)

The Louders said...

Please don't stop blogging! I read, I'm just slow at all this and just have a hard time keeping up with reading and writing. I love to, it just takes me a few rounds to get it all in. Anyway, I do enjoy reading and looking at your pics...and thanks for leaving me a comment, cause I appreciate it too!
Keep it up!

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