Monday, August 25, 2008

Thai Ladies - Thailand 03

So, I'm trying to wrap up these updates so I can move onto the many exciting things happening now that I want to blog, zoe starts THURSDAY and Josh and I are more excited than ever before! Come join us at 8pm if you happen to read this...Also, Josh and I are going to do a book review from all of our summer reads (he read 5 books on our trip alone)! Yada,, two more updates and then we will move on to the present!

Oh, and if think about it, would you comment? Not every read, but occasionally...Someone told me Sunday that they are loving my updates, but I told her that I was about to quit because I just don't know if anyone is even reading them!

So, back to the topic of this blog...the amazing and beautiful women of Thailand! Our team had the privilege of leading a women's conference for Simon Lee's church and we also had some ladies come from the Southern provinces...if you ever keep up with Thai news, you might know that the Southern portion is quite tumultuous right now because of terrorism and the influx of Muslims into the area. There are literally bombings everyday in that region, so it was an immense pleasure to spend a couple days with these brave ladies and just get to love on them for a bit!

Two things that I loved most about this conference: 1. Our team taught all of it, and everyone did a fabulous job! Those who said they were not speakers just shared from their hearts and it touched the ladies deeply. 2. I personally had the privilege of teaching with Missy Hall & Vanessa Brandiger on the topic of friendship. We shared about vulnerability, trust, and accountability and our reason for this topic is because these ladies really need each other as they walk in freedom and in confidence in their faith. After we shared, we decided to have them pray for each other instead of us praying for them. It was a powerful time that followed as these ladies shed tears and took time to agree with one another.

So good! I will follow this with pictures & hope it explains itself!
PRAYER: Everytime that we offered to pray with these ladies they jumped on it...they were just hungry and ready for God to touch their hearts...some of our most precious times

Our team is praying for a pregnant lady here...she was experiencing some complications, so we agreed together for the health of her child

We concluded our conference with a special banquet...literally 10-course meal that most of these ladies would never get to experience - our goal was to make them feel pampered and loved! Hannah, Erin & Kyla shared this night on "Living Life Loved." It was so powerful, and here, the girls are showing the ladies the power of the armor of God...get your sword out!

At the banquet with Lisa, Missy & April!

This precious lady gave her life to the Lord that night. Her entire family converted from Islam!

So, until next time! Hope you all enjoyed the first day of school (if it applied to you)...can I just say that I am so excited that after YEARS of school I'm not going this year! Yipee!!!!


Leslie said...

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting! I am reading every one of the blogs and I am just amazed at all that God is doing around the world. I know I'm not able to go on missions right now just because of the season of life I'm in, but I absolutely love reading the stories and seeing the pictures of the body of Christ working and loving on people! Thanks for sharing your stories! I love them and I love you!!!

Liz said...

I too am reading! I love seeing and reading about what you guys did! Love, Liz

annie casas said...

Wow, I am so excited for that woman and her family!! God is soo good!!! That is awesome! I was unable to go on any trips this I love getting to see what the Lord did on your trip through these pics and testimonies.

Sarah said...

these pictures are great! thank you for sharing, I am a faithful reader;) I love hearing about all the wonderful things the Lord did through you and your team! Keep them coming!

Paige Allen said...

Thank you all for the comments...I'm really not that insecure...well, maybe I am...just curious sometimes if anyone is reading! So thanks for letting me know you are out there!

Angie Neal said...

Please don't stop the updates! I love reading about all the ways you blessed these people and how it affected you! You're an inspiration!

Grey Sky said...

I love reading your updates! Sorry that I am not very good at commenting, but I do read. It helps me to not feel so isolated from ya'll even though I can no longer see you every week or even every month. Love you guys!!!

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