Wednesday, August 6, 2008

India Update

Hey Friends-
Josh and I are still in India and doing great! Thanks to everyone who prayed for us while we were sick...(yes, it was an unspeakable and horrible 24 hours for each of us)...we are completely better and showing no signs of sickness!

So, the team went back home two days ago and should be back in Lubbock by is an update since they have been gone - I'll give a more full update when I return home

Two days ago: Went to a school in slum areas "Destiny Schools" where we got to play and do crafts with the cutest 4 & 5 year olds. Imagine 50 five-year olds in one mid-size room...they were very well behaved and loved giving Josh high-fives...That night I spoke at a Women's Meeting on "Friendship" (They asked me to do that topic as most of the ladies here rarely take time for themselves & also because we believe that these ladies need a safe place to share their hearts). So, I got to share - about 300 ladies there and then we broke out into small groups. It was a great time, and many of the ladies shared that it was something that they needed to hear.

Yesterday: we spent the day with Bombay Teen Challenge. Drove through the Red Light District - don't have words at the time to talk about it...We also got to go to the Teen Challenge center where we met the most amazing boys and girls who have been rescued off the streets. We sang and prayed with the girls and danced with the boys (Josh even did the worm for them - he was a hit).

Today is a free day and then tomorrow we leave for a retreat with the women resuced from sex trafficking. Please continue to pray.

Love you all!Paige


Grey Sky said...

Oh please say you have pictures of Josh doing the worm! lol

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