Sunday, September 9, 2012

Funny Faces, First Hair Cuts, and a little FIshing - Week 41 of Project 365

I hope you have had a great week!  We had lots of fun events with family and friends this past week, and with the cooler weather slowly coming our way, we are expectant of what is to come!

I just realized that this is week 41 of project 365 so I only have 11 weeks left before I finish this first year of a picture a day!  Here is my favorite picture of the week - I was asking Maci to say Cheese & this is the awesome pose I got!  I think this is kind of how our week went - a little crazy and a few unexpected moments but lots of fun!

Maci and Madi love Baby Haven

Day 284 - I shared with a group of Middle School Students last Sunday & was really impressed at how much they interacted.  What a great group of kids!

Day 285 - Happy Labor Day!  We had a family cook-out and I loved capturing this moment.  My mom was holding Haven and my uncle Steve was getting her to laugh.  So thankful that my girls are surrounded by such love.

Day 286 - Selah was "cooking" in her kitchen on Tuesday while I was in other room.  When I came to see what she had done I discovered that she had pushed a chair to the cabinets & had gotten salt & red sprinkles to concoct her creation.  I decided to just go with it and encourage her creativity.  She explained to me how she created the cupcakes and then before I realized what she was doing she dipped her finger into the salt/sprinkles cake for a taste.  It was a bit of a shock & she went running for her sippy cup!

Day 287 - We were doing a video shoot for our Pursue Missions Conference!  If you are in Lubbock, mark your calendars for October 17-19 - it's going to be great!

Day 288 - Josh and I went with our friends Mark & Erin Murray to the Kari Jobe and All Sons & Daughters Concert.  It was really great & I especially loved hearing AS&D live - I've listened to their music for the last year & they were even better in person.

Day 289 - Selah's first hair cut!  It was a big day for her & she LOVED getting pampered.

Day 290 - Yesterday, I worked in the morning at the Lubbock Dream Center getting ready for the service and carnival that we hosted today.  I spent most of the morning organizing t-shirts & doing random jobs and my lovely sister Kelsey was helping out too!  Do you think we look alike?  Cause we get that A LOT!

Day 291 - Carnival Fun!  Selah was fishing...and loved every moment of today playing games and running with her cousins.
Here is to Week 42!  May it be a week filled with laughter and silly faces!


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