Monday, September 3, 2012

Best friends, birthdays, and bread bowls - Weeks 37-40 of Project 365

Project 365 has mostly become a collection of snapshots of my darling girls.  So, bear with me as I continue to count my days with one picture a day!  Here are weeks 37-40!

Day 257 - Lots of cuddling

Day 258 - I came home to this sight.  Haven asleep in daddy's lap, Selah asleep sitting up, and a very tired dad

Day 259 - Take a picture of me, Mommy!

Day 260 - Selah was packing her bag before we left the house.  She needed her tea set, cell phone, and lip gloss - the essentials

Day 261 - We traveled to Dallas so Josh could officiate a wedding and we could see his family.  I love the way Haven is smiling at her daddy while her cousin Levi hold her

Day 262 - Love this picture - Haven Joy being held by her Aunt Joy

Day 263 - Sabba introduced Selah to the bread bowl.  Selah is like her mommy in that she loves bread - so this was quite a treat!

Day 264 - Haven has been going to work with me, and this was in the middle of the day - sound asleep in the glow of a lamp.

Day 265 - Happy Haven

Day 266 - We had a church picnic & Selah was dancing with her friends Farrah and Maci

Day 267 - I thought I'd see if Haven was strong enough yet to sit in the Bumbo and she loved it!  Of course, that night I heard that they were being recalled...

Day 268 - Haven continues to make new discoveries everyday

Day 269 - Sisters!

Day 270 - Beautiful

Day 271 - We had a staff picnic this evening and I wish I had taken more pictures.  Here is a snapshot of the little kids eating.  I really love the people that I work with - it's definitely a new season at Church on the Rock and I'm excited to see what is ahead!

Day 272 - "Go Daddy! Go!"  Selah cheered on Josh while he did some yard work

Day 273 - She wasn't excited about what I was telling her

Day 274 - Reading Daddy's Bible

Day 275 - Selah says they are best friends!

Day 276 - I went to a beautiful wedding for a family member and I loved this idea.  All the parents and siblings had chosen their favorite cake so there were about 12 cakes on the table!

Day 277 - Running barefoot through soft grass - enjoying our last few days of summer

Day 278 - Molly Kate came over to play & these girls put on quite a performance for me!

Day 279 - Selah & I had a date to the Pie Bar, but more than the pie Selah loved making faces into the mirror along the bar

Day 280 - I have a feeling these two are going to keep life interesting from here on out!

Day 281 - My friend Abby had a great idea.  A group of friends gathered together at 8am in our friend's driveway to cheer her on as she drove to take her first round of chemo.  She was surprised and knew she was loved.  Love you Tomi!

Day 282 - Celebrating my friend April on her 50th birthday!

Day 283 - Over 8 years ago, my friend April asked 4 friends to come to dinner and invited us to each bring a friend.  This group has changed over the years but we have basically eaten dinner once a month since that time and become great friends.  This weekend we celebrated April's birthday and I was reminded that I am blessed with amazing women in my life.


Angie Neal said...

I love all the pictures Paige! Your girls are so beautiful, they just shine. Life looks happy and full for you and Josh, so happy for you!

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