Friday, July 13, 2012

Flowers, friends, and a fabulous maternity leave - Project 365 - Weeks 31-33

It's my last week of maternity leave and I have been living at a slow pace.  I've been taking deeper breaths, gazing into the blue eyes of my my baby, playing hide and go seek with Selah, and devouring books in between.  It's been a great 6 weeks - can't believe how quickly it all flew by!

And I've put off my to-do lists (sorry if I still need to send you a thank you note) which is why I'm 3 weeks behind in my Project 365 - but I decided it was a good day to catch up & I've enjoyed looking back over pictures from the last 3 weeks - I'm learning that deep conversations and big dreams are found in this place of setting aside the to-dos.

Here are a few of my favorite moments (at least the ones captured with a camera) over the last 3 weeks!

Day 214 - Happy Anniversary!  Josh and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on June 23rd with dinner and a pedicure!  The pedicure was a last minute decision & we realized that the only other time Josh has gotten a pedicure was on our his feet were 12 years out from any proper pampering.  All I will say is God Bless the sweet girl who tackled this task.

Day 215 - Selah has taken to picking flowers - so much so that the only flowers we have remaining in our yard are those on our trumpet vine.  I love the deep orange and I love receiving them spontaneously.

Day 216 - My mom took Selah and her cousins on a nature walk in our backyard - they were chasing two white butterflies when I snapped this picture.

Day 217 - I became a blonde with the help of my hair stylist Jayme on this day - I was excited (can you tell?)

Day 218 - Haven started focusing her eyes & loves to stare at her daddy

Day 219 - I already blogged about our Thank You Party - this is when we went to the store to pick out streamers!

Day 220 - The day of our Thank You Party - I love the expression on Selah's face!

Day 221 - We went to a wedding (congratulations Jaime & Michalea) and I took a picture with these two lovely ladies!  What is really crazy is that exactly one month before I was also at a wedding - feeling ready to pop - it's amazing what a difference a month can make!

Day 222 - Watched the gymnastics Olympic Trials - Selah was showing us that she could do it too.  Her exact words, "I do it too" - oh, and this attitude was also the case when we watched swimming and track & field - love that our girl believes she can do anything she wants to do!

Day 223 - Love this picture - already best of friends!

Day 224 - We were watching Josh's softball game & Selah was sitting with one of her favorite people - Erin!

Day 225 - Happy 4th of July!  We hung out at my parent's house for the Fourth - love laughing with my mom!

Day 226 - This was our first day of our vacation.  We drove to Santa Fe and as soon as we got to the hotel Haven was happy to be free from the confines of her car seat!  I loved the way the light from a window hit her face as she lay there so I captured a couple of photos.  Love how her eyes are lightening to a beautiful blue (just like her mom & sister)!
Day 226 (part 2) - Although it was raining we braved the elements & walked around downtown Santa Fe.

Day 227 - Introduced my girl to the greatness of Nutella Crepes!  I think I was more excited about this than she was - but she did like the whipped cream!

Day 228 - We found painting classes for kids in Colorado - Selah and I had fun painting together!

Day 228 (part 2) - love her concentration and the joy of mixing colors!

Day 229 - We went hiking on Sunday morning and these two were hilarious to watch.

Day 230 - The view where we were staying - I sat out here everyday reading, watching others fish, and soaking in the sun.  Oh, and Selah and I did have to run for our lives one afternoon when a flock of geese were intent on getting our ice cream sandwiches.  Thankfully we were able to outrun them!

Day 231 - I forgot to take any pictures this day - we were driving I'll share a picture of my view while on the hike.  Love this precious girl.

Day 232 - Again, I forgot to take any pictures, so here is another favorite pic from vacation.  Love the joy in her face and love the scenery all around!

Day 233 - Bathtime!  My baby is growing (I forgot how much they change in the first couple of months)!

Day 234 - This is today!  Selah was picking flowers this morning and my friend Marisa snapped our picture together while she was over for a visit!
I hope your weekend is filled with small surprises and beauty at every turn - Enjoy the small moments!


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