Saturday, June 23, 2012

Babies Born, Slow Summer Days, and Simple Joys - Catching Up on Project 365

I am over a month behind posting my picture a this blog is really for myself - I just want to get caught up and keep my commitment to Project 365.  As most of you know, I had baby Haven during this last month so there are plenty of pictures of my cute baby as well as the small moments of a slower life.

It's been a good month - still discovering this new rhythm with two kiddos...but hopeful that we will settle into it soon!  I'm remembering this month and celebrating His goodness in the midst of major life change!

Day 187 - This first picture dates back to May 27th...still pregnant & making pizza with my little cook!  Selah has most definitely entered her independent stage.  Her favorite words are, "I do it by myself"

Day 188 - My view over the ever expanding belly...lots of swimming already this summer as we try to keep cool in the heat.

Day 189 - We had a social media training day at the church.  This is Danny Hernandez giving us some tips of how to best use the various platforms out there.

Day 190 - A quick snap shot of my sweet Selah

Day 191 - I found this picture on my iPhone - Selah took it...and I love seeing what life looks like through her eyes.  This is in fact, what I look like most mornings - sitting in hand...and reading.  Also, notice the belly at this time makes a nice resting place.

Day 192 - On June 1st, Josh and I attended a wedding and I really thought I was in labor during the reception.  I conferred with these sweet friends - contractions were coming consistently every 15 we took this picture before I left to wait and see if it progressed.  (It was false labor, but it's a good memory)

Day 193 - We went to Molly & Ava's dance recital and Selah was truly in awe!  She gave out lots of hugs afterwards & hasn't stopped asking to dance since.

Day 194 - June 3rd - I was in labor when this picture was taken.  I started having contractions again on Sunday afternoon at 3pm and was determined that it wouldn't be false labor again (as I had experienced 2 nights before).  So, we headed to the mall to do some walking and see if I could get the contractions to progress.  Well, the contractions did in fact progress (I will never forget the pain I felt as I was checking out some books at Barnes & Noble), and Selah had no idea how her little life was about to change - she was just excited to throw a couple of pennies into the fountain!

Day 195 - I had Haven at 3:46am on Monday morning and this was much later that afternoon as Selah came to meet Haven.  I love my family of 4!

Day 196 - It was time to go home (I'm sorry sweet baby that I put that crazy hat on you).  Anyways, I love this picture as Haven continues to make this face on a daily basis (I think she gets it from her father).

Day 197 - Life started to get a little more quiet on this afternoon & Selah was quite proud of her new title!

Day 198 - Haven met so many people over the first week of her life, but one of the people who definitely was the most excited to meet her was her cousin Peyton.  Peyton LOVES babies and wants to see her feet everytime she is in the same room!

Day 199 - Selah loves being a mom to her baby dolls  now!  Here she is changing diapers...

Day 200 - Just hanging out!  Little Miss Haven is a champion sleeper!

Day 201 - Everyday I realize that Selah has the fearlessness of her father (I love it)...

Day 202 - My little beauty - awake for just a bit

Day 203 - My lovely friend, Hannah Foley offered to come take newborn pictures of Haven, and they are wonderful!  She captures every nuance that I love to stare at in this stage - I know I'll cherish these photos forever!

Day 204 - Enjoying a long summer day!  One girl asleep in my lap and the other in the yard picking flowers!

Day 205 - Selah & Josh's latest game is called Rock Star!  Selah of course is the drummer (and dancer) while Josh strums his guitar - it's quite entertaining!

Day 206 - This was my first time to be driving alone in the felt so strange that I snapped a picture.

Day 207 - Selah has become quite the sunglasses diva.  She has at least 5 pairs and wears them often - here she is in doors sporting her pink pair with bling (she is a true Texas girl).

Day 208 - Happy Father's Day!  Selah and I were both under the weather last Sunday so we stayed home from church and Josh made a lovely pallet outdoors for our family.  We all laid outside on blankets reading and laughing...I think it may be the best way we've ever celebrated Father's Day with our small brood!  And here is Haven - drinking in the sun rays as I sat down my current reading: Love Does by Bob Goff.

Day 209 - Gigi came over for a visit & Selah gave us a little tea party

Day 210 - I started "wearing" Haven on this day to bring her some peace & I must say she LOVES it!  So this is how I'm often found now...and discovering that it works wonderfully - I have two hands free but a happy baby at the same time!

Day 211 - Love these little hands...

Day 212 - One of the strongest memories I have as a little girl is this prayer scroll that my Mema has always had.  Names are always written & I know she prays for each listed.  My girls and I visited her at her retirement home on Thursday and my heart expanded as I noticed my name listed...

Day 213 - Selah is in swim lessons (Josh calls it Pool School).  Can you tell she loves it?
And with that I'm caught up!  Hope your summer days are filled with laughter, ice cream, and breathtaking sunsets...


Anonymous said...

Haven is such a beautiful baby along with her cute big sister. I love the prayer scroll and I bet it's nice to know you were being prayed for. Have a blessed week.

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