Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where I Am - November 2011

I promised myself a few months ago that I would not disappear from my blog for weeks at a time again – mostly for the benefit of myself as writing helps me sort out life and the many thoughts that seem jumbled in my head.  And so I was firm in my commitment – I would be consistent.  I would be faithful.  I would write.  I would create.  I would share.  I would just do it.

And then I got pregnant, and I did a little jig and shared this good news with you.   

And then it hit.  Somehow I had forgotten about the all consuming exhaustion that seems to accompany the first few months of pregnancy…and I most definitely had forgotten about the gnawing nausea that seems my constant companion these days.  And as I result I forgot about my commitment to write – no, I actually remembered, but in comparison to my desire for saltine crackers and a pillow it just couldn’t compete.

So, that’s where I’ve been this last month – 

I’ve taken a nap most days (if I can time it with Selah’s nap or Josh working from home).

I’ve reacquainted myself with crackers and toast and ginger tea.

And yet I’ve also tried to march forward, ignoring that gnaw and playing with my sweet girl.

I’ve been praying about prayer a lot lately – is that even proper?  I’m wondering how do you help people learn to pray and value prayer.

I’ve traveled to Dallas to see a dear friend’s  son get married.
Lovely Ladies Who Impart Wisdom to My Life
I’ve dressed up my child as Cinderella – she and her cousins had a Disney Princess theme…
Peyton as Snow White & Selah as Cinderella
 I’ve had an ultrasound and marveled at the first picture of our little peanut.

I’ve read some wonderful books (I’ll blog about them soon)

I’ve been rather hormonal and found  myself crying at the slightest emotional commercial on television.

I’ve discovered that my child is more of a toddler than ever before & is especially interested in…well, everything!  
Is she adorable or what?  She was really proud because she was wearing my headband
 I’ve enjoyed teaching a weekly class on The Pauline Epistles – I have a great class and have fallen in love anew with books like Galatians and Ephesians.

And I'm back to blogging - hopefully back to a consistency...

This is where I am!  Now that I’m quickly caught up…I think I’ll go take a nap!


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