Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 Keys to Throwing a Memorable Party

My sister Leslie knows how to throw a party, and Molly Kate's recent 3 year soiree was no exception.  The guest list was small (only family and a few friends), but the theme was fierce - or perhaps I should say - the theme was country and Y' was fun!

I don't know the full background story or just how many hours it took for this party to become the adorableness it was, but here are a few tips I did pick up just from watching my sister & of course...the center of attention - Miss Molly Kate.

1.  The Guest of Honor should be decked out in full party attire

She is ready to party!  Ye-ha!
Here is another shot so you can see her full get-up!  She is with my Mema & the ever adorable Selah.

2.  Party fare is more fun to eat when it makes you feel like a country girl

Our drinks were in Mason Jars...and after this party, I want to go buy a case and make this a regular way I serve drinks - so fun!
Not just any cornbread - It's cowboy cornbread!
3.  If you can invite cute cousins & photogenic family members, you will have great pictures to remember the event by

Here is my mom, the true cowgirl of my family.  Can you believe she used to drive tractors? 
The Pigtail Mafia - Watch out for these two girls!
The older version of Pigtail Mafia - they are leading the way in our world of cousins!
4.  Choose an activity that is fun & destructive!

Watch out for Farrah - she has a powerful swing!

Our little Selah was loving the pinata...and Josh?  Well, I'm not sure what Josh was thinking here.

5.  Make sure the Birthday Girl loves her cake!

Molly was excited to show everyone her special cake!
Look at the joy on that face after blowing out the candles!
I'm sure there are more tips to make a party memorable, but these are the 5 I discovered this last week.  Happy Birthday, Miss Molly Kate and good job on the party, Les!  I'm glad I still have 3 months to work on Selah's next party.


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