Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year...New Gifts! (141-159)

The last couple of months have been sprinkled with both laughter and tears in my life. Laughter in celebrating with family and watching my wee one grow. But also tears as I’ve talked and listened and watched some of my dearest friends go through the unfair parts of life. It has been a season of a heavy heart…it has been a winter season in many ways…and yet today I am aware more than ever before that God is good. And although the trees appear bare and the cold seems harsh – He is here.

He is here in the prayers of friends.

He is here in the laughter of my child.

He is here in the quiet and in the tears.

He is here.

And for that, I am thankful – and I want to continue to count my gifts…

141. The wonder of lights

142. Crawling cuties

143. Discovery through her eyes…the joy of bath toys…new textures…and puppies

144. Time to breathe

145. Time to reflect

146. A chance to start over in a sense…the beginning of a new year

147. Seeing young women make good and healthy decisions

148. Soft Sand in between my toes

149. Capturing moments through my camera

150. Unbelievable sunsets

151. Reconnecting with old friends

152. The smiles of new love

153. Remembering why he is so perfect for me

154. Family date nights…even if they are just to get a cup of coffee & dream about the future

155. Baby Passport Pictures

156. New revelation from His Word…His calling to COME

157. His whispers that my friend will be okay – through DVD clips, unexpected text messages, and surprising visits – all reminders to my heart alone that He is in control.

158. Rediscovering the treasure I have in my forever friends

So many more gifts that I have discovered in the last month…but I will wait til next Monday to share more. Until then I will end with the joy I found last night as my sweet Selah was introduced to macaroni…

159. The gift of cheese


Sarah said...

Selah is such a beauty!! What a sweet precious girl you have. :) I think I need to give her a squeeze! Love the list. I need to get mine going again.

Jennifer said...

I love this list...and the Gift of Cheese is fantasmically precious! LOVE that pic!:

The Louders said...

Gosh, I love this post. Thanks for sharing it all. I relate very well with just the simplicity yet the depth of it. Thank you :) And sweet Selah, you're just too stinkin adorable!

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