Monday, November 1, 2010

November Is Here!!!

Nov. 1, 2010 - I LOVE November!  I love this time of the year - a slight chill in the air, the changing leaves (although in Lubbock there is not much of that), holidays around the corner, an excuse to pull out cozy sweaters, and drink more coffee!  I just love it!  I love that it is a time when we are encouraged to be thankful.  I've recently gone through a season where I was not thankful - mostly doing some complaining to God...and He basically put me in my place - not by telling me that I was wrong in my complaints but rather by making it obvious that there are so many wonderful people and opportunities in my life.
Here are a few things that I'm thankful for at the moment...
123.  Changing leaves

124.  Crisp Cool Air

125.  Knitted Hats

126.  Bright Smiles

127.  A reminder that I love running

128.  A fun race with fun people (Ran the Abilene Marathon Relay this weekend with Erin Murray, Leigh & Becca Archer)

129.  A fun day with my husband (we found that you can find some fun things to do in Abilene)!

130.  Growing Cousins who will one day be a sweet friend

131.  My cousin’s return home (we missed you, Dustin!)

132.  The simple joy of being obedient to Him

133.  Faithful friends and selfless volunteers

134.  Falling leaves (I see them right now out my windows)

135.  Baby Boots

136.  Orange Flowers

137.  Left over Candy

138.  Creative College Kids (our costume theme was "song titles")
 Annie was "Beauty School Drop Out"

 Andrea was "Purple Rain" & Marki was "Tiny Dancer"

139.  Large Crowds rooting on the Rangers

140.  Finding a few others to talk to who don’t really care about the game either

So happy that it is November!  Bring on the coffee, sweaters, and thankfulness!


Sarah said...

Love this post! Selah is such a beauty!!! LOVE her hat and cute picture of her and my sister. You may have inspired me to blog again.

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