Monday, November 15, 2010

I did something that I never thought I would do...

So, I did something this weekend that I've NEVER done before! It has always seemed to go against my nature in the past, but right just felt right! Yep, I painted a room WHITE! Technically it was "Cotton Lent" but basically it was white & I painted that stark, bright color all over my bedroom walls!

I'm notorious for painting anything white a dark or bright color...up until this point in the two houses we've owned I've painted rooms purple, chocolate brown, red, and green. If there was white it was my mission to get rid of it!

But I noticed that as I troll decorating blogs I'm almost always drawn to the pictures of white rooms with white furniture and little pops of color. It feels refreshing and clean and peaceful. So, I decided this weekend that it was time for a change in my bedroom.

I wish that I had before pictures - but here is the run-down.
Walls - Green
Curtains - Navy & with a cuff of off-white floral
Accessories - a mix-mash of whatever I found that fancied me at the time.

My fabulous husband agreed to help paint (this was a serious sign of love because Josh loathes painting).

After painting I completely flip-flopped the furniture...I decided I wanted my bed underneath the windows - again wanting more sunshine in my life!

Then I decided to work on a cute bench I found at a garage sale - I painted the legs a black lacquer...

 ...and I finally put up some curtains that I bought about 6 months ago!

Here is where we are now... makes me happy...

I still need a few more touches (it's still a little too bare for me)...especially over on this wall

Do you have any ideas for me?  Anything you would add?  I'm thinking about some art work that I saw on Etsy - basically I've decided I only want things that I really love...but would love any ideas you have!

Til next time ~ I hope you find something that makes your life feel a bit more refreshing!


Gingiber said...

Paige! I love it! You did a fantastic job. i definitely love the bench with the lacquered legs! And you are right: White walls are totally in.

Jill Hurley said...

super cute curtains. where did you find them? you did a great job.

Grey Sky said...

It looks awesome, definitely brighter than before! I remember when I moved from an apt with beige walls to one with white walls how much brighter and happier it seemed. Of course, the happy might have been in part of the fact that I no longer had to live with Katy... but that's a separate matter. You're right, that other wall could use something. I'm thinking a little splash of yellow, but I'm not sure how to incorporate that. Good luck!

Paige Allen said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Jill, I got the curtains from World Market a few months ago

The Barnyards said...

I LOVE this room. I'm the same way with paint colors but have recently liked the idea of white-it makes everything "pop"

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