Saturday, August 22, 2009

Women are a Solution

Just wanted to share this short video/article from the New York Times. It is a testament to the fact that around the world women are not the problem but rather the solution.

After I watched this video I just stopped to think & realized this is SO true. Although I've met many wonderful men around the world who are making an impact, the stories that I've heard from women and the lives that I've seen them live are typically what sticks out in my mind - mostly because they've had to sacrifice, prove themselves, struggled along the way...and yet they sacrifice with love, prove themselves with passion, and struggle with such grace that I'm always in awe.

So, to women like Missy & Rhoda who made a food truck a reality here in women like Elizabeth Lee who works tirelessly to share the gospel in women like Dita Targosz who juggle a business while also building a church in Czech women like Ina in India who teach other women to sew so they can build a better women like my mom who are willing to take on major dreams like a Dream Center or starting a business to help women who've been sex trafficked...

Thank you for showing the world that we are can be a solution.


Sarah said...

I love this! The video was so interesting and so true. Paige, you are also one of these women! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Can't believe I keep forgetting to leave a comment.

GREAT post! Women ARE the says so in Genesis. :-)

So glad and thankful that you shared this.

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