Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm Ready to Rock

So, I'm headed to the thriving metropolis of Snyder, TX tomorrow to the Red Letter Rock Fest. It is an amazing opportunity to promote Pursue & share our vision with 5,000 young, I'm really excited although I'm not sure if I can do 12 hours of Christian Rock Music. I just went to the website to listen to a few of the bands, and while I'm great with the likes of Hawk Nelson, Super Chick, Family Force Five and other...I have to admit that a few of the bands just scare me!

So, just a quick request to all my readers to say a prayer for me! Here is what I'm praying for
  1. That I actually can be cool for the weekend so that I have lots of opportunities to talk about our vision for Pursue missions - (My AMAZING co-worker Kyla is going with me, so I think she has coolness enough for the entire booth)
  2. That my eardrums are protected - super jazzed that our booth is between K-Love & Compassion International...but our booth is actually on the floor of the concert pavilion, so it is non-stop music for the entire weekend!
  3. And for the 3 minutes that we have on stage - that we would be dynamic, passionate & somehow communicate what is most important to convey the heart behind PURSUE!
That's it! Oh, and while I'm on it - mark your calendars now for Pursue 2009 - October 16-18 - our theme is ALL - All of Him, All of Me, All the World...It is going to be fabulous!!!!


Fortner Family said...

You crack me up!!! Hey if you ever need help or people to go with you on your road trips, I would love to go!

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