Monday, June 8, 2009

I learned how to head bang!

I don't quite know how to start this blog other than by stating the truth: I NEVER thought I would spend 22 hours in a Coliseum (in Snyder, TX no less) with Rock Music playing non-stop (actually only 17 hours of music)...but that is what I did this past weeekend...and although my ears still ache and there were moments when I became delerious with exhaustion...I must admit that I had fun...I had a lot of fun!

So how does a girl who prefers the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae, Brooke Fraser, and Phil Wickham start to describe head banging and screaming? I honestly am unsure, so I'll just share my pictures & hope that they do justice for our trip.

First, a little background info: Myself along with 7 others traveled to the Red Letter Rock Fest in Snyder, TX to promote Pursue Missions & LIFT. It was amazing that other than the bands it was us, AirOne & Compassion International. Our booth was actually on the ground where the concerts were taking place, so we got to talk to a LOT of people...

Here is Missy & Greg talking to a few kids about LIFT

The concert started on Friday night & here is my amazing team ready to ROCK

I wasn't too sure about some of the bands Friday night.
Norma Jean...Spoken...Disciple...
But when Audio Adrenaline came on I realized two things: 1. I'm old & 2. I still like them!
Here is Kyla & I doing the moves to Big House

The headliner on Friday was Family Force 5...although I didn't know their music I have to admit that I am now a BIG fan! These guys were AMAZING performers. I mean, who sings while wearing Hulk Gloves? And of course I love a band who says things like, "Shake your BA-DONK-A-DONK for Jesus!

Oh, also Kyla & I got all-access passes & we even went on stage twice to scream about Pursue & Lift. We were hoping that we would get good slots to go on stage & sure enough...we went on before Audio Adrenaline & Superchick...very cool!

Saturday morning started out with the band: Stars Go Dim & they were my FAVORITE! Seriously, I think you should check them out...I got their CD & have been listening to it since I got home. Plus, it was nice to look at the lead singer's arms (I'm not gonna lie...)

Randall joined us on Saturday!

They had a resident artist that would paint something during each band on the main stage. Here are two of the works that he did. It was really amazing to watch him paint & I loved his artwork.


Hawk Nelson

Missy & I - we were pretty much done at this point...oh yeah, I get delirious when I'm super tired...


Enid said...

Ohh I would love to get one of those silver LIFT water! How fun...Love this ministry!!

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