Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3 Simple Acts for When the World Feels Scary


I shuffled into the kitchen this morning rubbing my eyes and mumbling to myself about how I really should get out of bed earlier.  I grabbed a mug and stumbled to my Keurig as Josh said, "Did you hear about the terrorist attack?"  It only half registered as I said, "No - where?"  Brussels.  

Brussels.  Belgium.

It started to sink in a bit more.  I've been to Brussels.  I've walked through it's beautiful streets and I've eaten true Belgian waffles from a street vendor.  I got a tour from friends Peter and Laura and ate frites (french fries) with mayo in order to truly experience the culture.  I've taught leaders - amazing Belgian leaders, and I know this place.

Then another wave of realization hit me.  Drew - my co-worker's husband is spending the night at Brussels airport hotel because he has a flight in the morning.  Dawn and I were just talking about it yesterday...  Where were the bombs?  The airport?  I jumped on facebook because I know that's the fastest place to find news about friends, and thankfully Drew, Peter, and Laura had all checked in already that they were safe.

And yet...others will not get to check in.

My heart hurts for Belgium.  It is angry at the evil in this world.  It has so many questions.

And my first inclination is to let fear rise up. 

I open my Bible to my daily reading: Isaiah 26 and find these words
You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

And I am reminded that in moments like these we must keep a sound mind.  We are to focus on the good God we serve.  To pray for the nation of Belgium, to ask the Lord to bear our own fears and burdens, and in all the emotions we feel to bring them to the only One who can keep us in His peace.

Evil would love nothing more than for people of His peace to be consumed with fear.  So I listen to His reminder: Fear Not!  Make a choice to expel fear with a reminder of His love.  Even when it makes no sense, His love is still real and stronger than any evil in this world.

And bring peace - kindness and goodness - to your world today.  It may look like a kind smile in the store or helping your neighbor rake leaves.  It may be doing a Starbucks run for everyone in the office or playing one extra game with your kids tonight.  What one thing can you do to remind yourself that God is still at work in the earth?

So today, I'm reminding myself to simply do 3 things: 
Fear Not
Bring Peace


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