Friday, July 24, 2015

Paige's Picks and Weekend Links

I have been meditating on Psalm 45 this week after a friend showed me her new tattoo that references this chapter.  And as I read this, I'm drawn to verse 11 - do I really believe that HE, the king is enthralled with me?  If I'm honest, most days this scripture feels miles away from my reality... and yet, when I get quiet in the morning and listen for His whispers, I'm reminded of the TRUTH that I was created by Him.  Yes, He knows my shortcomings- when I yelled at my girls or got snarky with Josh...but He also knows the hidden dreams, the desires to be more like Him...and He knows things about me that I'm only now discovering for myself.  He knows me fully, completely, and He knows the me that is still to come...and He loves me.  He is enthralled with me - the me that He is working on to bring to a beautiful reality (Philippians 1:4)

Here is a round up of what's caught my eyes and moved my heart this week.

Do You Lose Yourself When You Have Kids? by Heather Avis on the Story Line Blog
And while everyday my selfish desires try to shout at and consume me, I find God’s grace, given me through my children, is so much louder and all consuming.

Decorating with Your Other Half by A Beautiful Mess
It's important to represent each member of your family/household in the decor. The best way to do this is to imagine how the house would look if each person had it 100% in their style, then mix those different elements together. 

Making Room by Leslie Rich
Making room is not just about setting a place at the table for a friend, but it’s also about clearing space in our lives and our minds for whatever God wants to do.  When He speaks, is there room in my head to hear it?

Every Book Starts with a Sentence by Lysa TeuKeurst
 It’s a process, this book writing thing. It’s hard and messy and crazy time-consuming. But what a wondrous thing to have words that live on beyond us. Sentences that linger and continue to inspire. 

A Voice for the Voiceless by Sarah Bessey
I want women to be safe and I want babies to be born. I want all of the reasons why women abort to cease, to be healed, to be legislated right out.

And if you didn't see this on my facebook is a video that made me laugh so hard I was crying.  I'm dedicating it to short-term missionaries that I've worked with for over 15 years who are a bit dramatic when asked to try something new.  Enjoy!


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