Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkins, Play-doh, Princesses, & Pauses...a picture every day for the last month (Project 365 Continues)

I'm thankful that Project 365 is coming to a close because it has become harder to capture a quality image everyday.  I'm realizing that you really have to be mindful and that I should also carry my good camera around if I want to capture a great picture each day.  BUT that just isn't happening right now so I'm going to share my best and favorite iPhone pics of each day and I guess that is really the true representation of our days.

So, here is a look into our lives for the last month!  Girls are growing, the weather is changing, and I am...becoming!

Day 292 - I started back teaching my Monday class - this quarter it is on the topic of leadership.  So here is my vantage point - binder full of notes & great students!

Day 293 - I finally got my hair cut & colored by the lovely Jayme.  I just got a "trim" but apparently my hair is so thick that a trim equates to a lot of hair!  And for the record I must say that sometimes a change in the simple things (like hair) can give you a burst of energy to really embrace the day!

Day 293 - My baby has been teething for the last month so this face has become very common...either fingers or fist are almost always in her mouth...poor baby.

Day 294 - I wrote in my last blog (I know it has been TOO LONG) about building a tent with Selah...and here she is proudly showing off our architectural feat!

Day 295 - All in a day's work...Selah was quite proud of herself as she talked on her daddy's office phone.

Day 296 - This is my favorite picture of this batch - I LOVE IT!

Day 297 - We had dinner with my parents & then my dad made a fire in his outdoor fire of course that called for Smores!  I just love how the crispness in fall weather always makes Smores a good eating choice!

Day 298 - And if her hand is not in her mouth...then there are slobber bubbles or drool...just keeping it real.

Day 299 - Our Norwegian friends came to visit & they brought Selah a gift - Play-Doh fun!  Selah LOVED the waffle maker that came with it and as you can tell - she perfected her waffle making skills.

Day 300 - I'm teaching Leadership on Monday nights for Prepare International Equipping Center & then I'm teaching Ephesians on Wednesday night for COTR...this has made for a lot studying lately...but I'm a nerd at heart & can get lost in studies for hours.  On this day I literally spent 4 hours just studying Ephesians 1 (love that Chapter) I took a quick picture of my little Bible...

Day 301 - Have you discovered the wonders of Skype?  I've used it for several years to talk to missionaries overseas that I work with...and then last year we started using it so our girls could talk to their grandparents in Dallas.  But this was our first time to use it to talk to Josh at his office.  Selah got her thumb smashed and all she wanted was her Skype came to the rescue.  Josh was able to inspect the thumb, pray over it and kiss Selah could move on with her day.

Day 301 - We were at the doctor's office & Selah LOVES the doctor because she always gets stickers!  She had them lined up while we waited for the doctor...she was trying to decide which was her favorite.

Day 302 - One last warm day?  Calls for the splash pad!

Day 303 - I preached this Sunday morning...and here are my preaching shoes...not sure how they became this, but they are comfortable, go with almost everything...and so I almost always preach in this lovelies.

Day 304 - Recording a video for our upcoming Pursue Mission Conference (if you are in Lubbock you should swing by next Wednesday - Friday)...this is the one and only Mark Murray using his gift of dry humor & Jacob - the camera man extraordinaire!

Day 305 - Selah has a dream...her dream is to become a dancer...blame it on Angelina Ballerina or the fact that our family dances around the house daily...but either way she tells people she takes ballet lessons (she doesn't)...and she begs for bedtime stories about dancing on stages & she even asks me to tell her Bravo for a job well done.  So, she found this leotard in a hand-me-down box...and she was in heaven...and ready for the stage!

Day 306 - It was a long day at I just had energy to sit and hold the baby and watch Selah draw on the sidewalk chalk.  Little moments like that really are priceless...

Day 307 - Painting Pumpkins!!!  I think I might write a blog about this later - so much fun!

Day 308 - This picture got quite the response when I posted it on facebook!  I cannot explain Selah's face...some thought she was mad and wanted her own corn dog, but I promise we feed our child & she did in fact get a corn dog.  Others just thought the overall fair was too much to bear, but the truth - the rides were not open!  They don't open them until late in the afternoon so she was sad - yes, very sad.  And she didn't want to take any more pictures - so there.

Day 309 - I was in Lamesa on this day but Selah had a dream day at a princess birthday party.  Belle from Beauty and the Beast even showed up!  I'm told she sang, danced, and taught the girls to properly wave like a princess.  Oh, inner "girls are so much more than a pretty face" beliefs are so conflicted with Selah's love of all things princess...but she also loves to jump and run and she does believe she can do anything so I'm just gonna let her enjoy being a beauty!

Day 310 - Josh's parents came to visit this weekend - they went to the Fair, Princess Party, and the park.  And I love this picture - it was a truly gorgeous day...and Selah was showing off her drumming skills to her Sabba.

Day 311 - Isn't she gorgeous!

Day 312 - More Play-doh fun!

Day 313 - I was going through some old pictures & Selah was amazed that these young kids are now her grandparents!

Day 314 - We ran by my parent's house at just the right time...because my mom had accidentally run over a paint can & there was quite a mess to clean up!  This is the picture of a GOOD son-in-law!

Day 315 - Love!

Day 316 - Driving to Carlsbad, NM to officiate a wedding this weekend.  My husband spent quite a bit of time on the phone on this I took annoying pictures of him.

Day 317 - And when you are in've got to go to the Caverns!  This was Josh's first time (and Haven's too)...and it really was a fascinating reminder of just how amazing this world is.
Less than 50 days to go!  I can't wait to see what final images capture this exciting year.  Until next time, I hope you enjoy each it, don't just capture it!


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